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This is the main page for the Allakhazam Toolbox. A place to come for "how to" guides and FAQs for many of the tools from the websites.

Site Wide Topics

  • Gamelist An ordered list of all MMORPGs and other MMO games. It displays some overall information about each game like the developer, the type of subscription, and the overall user's rating. The list can be reordered by clicking on the column header.
  • Wikibases
    • Guidelines This is a page that describes the general guidelines for the Wikibases.
    • Frequently Asked Questions Here is the Wikibase article dealing with the basics of editing a Wikibase article. Anything that is not answered in the FAQ, can be posted in the Wikibase Feedback Forum.
  • News Submission Form This page lets you post gaming news. These articles will be displayed on the main page of the various sites. What page it is displayed on is determined by choosing a category.

The Documentation Project


  • Documentation This is the Documentation Project, where we are working on documenting the power tools for Templates and such.
  • Keeping Documentation Up-to-Date A simple guide for Wikibase admins to maintain wikibase documentation up to the best standard possible without a lot of effort.
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Game Specific Topics

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