Bags (Rift)  

A table of all the available bags, their size and their source. Crafted bags are made by Outfitters. Click the name of any bag for more information.

Bag Name Slots Source
Collector's Satchel 24Collector's Edition of Rift
Empyrean Knapsack32Unique. Sold by Ponn Zee in The Canals of Tempest Bay for 4,000 0 0 
Empyrean Bag28Crafted from Empyrean Bag
Chiffon Bag26Crafted from Chiffon Bag
Dusty Treasure Hunter's Satchel 24500 Magma Opals
Lanzan Bag24Crafted from Lanzan Bag
Spiritweave Bag22Crafted from Spiritweave Bag
Witchweave Bag20Crafted from Witchweave Bag
Ice Pine Satchel18drop in Abyssal Precipice
Deep Satchel12drop in Darkening Deeps
Battlemaster's Sack10drop in Realm of the Fae
Tomb Mason's Satchel10drop in Iron Tomb
Campaigner's Satchel18 Silverwood Campaigner Achievement
Grave Goods Box18rare drop from Death rifts (lvl 14+)
Spellspun Bag18Crafted from Spellspun Bag
Silken bag14Crafted from Silken Bag
Backpack20Standard Edition Backpack
Gear Bag16Sold by Rare Goods vendors
Regal Gear Bag16rare drop
Noble Bag14rare drop
Adventurer Satchel12Sold by Traveling Merchants
Quilted Satchel12rare drop
Traveler Satchel10Sold by vendors
Woolen Bag10Crafted from Woolen Bag
Journeyman Satchel8Sold by vendors
Burlap Bag6Crafted from Burlap Bag
Initiate Pouch6 Uncommon Drop
Sturdy Pouch6Sold by vendors
Bogling Knapsack4Quest
Bomani Hide Pack4Quest, uncommon drop
Burlap Pouch4 Uncommon Drop
Fisherman's Pouch4Quest
Flamewrought Bag4Quest
Small Pouch4Quest
Timeworn Pouch4Quest, uncommon drop

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