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Craft leather and cloth armor along with miscellaneous items such as bags. Butchering is an excellent gathering complement to this Manufacturing profession. Outfitters also receive the skill Salvage Armor. Don't forget to use Salvage Armor to break your surplus products, as you gain materials you will need later that can only be obtained from Salvaging and are used to make Enhancements.


Skill Defiant GuardianNeutral
NoviceJhon Thoss
Kelari Refuge, Freemarch
Percy Jeune
Timberveil, Moonshade Highlands
Remy Farben
Argent Glade, Silverwood
SkilledPetare Delnaron
Granite Falls, Stonefield
Mel Purvis
Scarwood Lift Base, Scarlet Gorge
Expert Avin Jirbee
Lantern Hook, Droughtlands
MasterDeo Zervos
The Manufatory, Meridian
Louis Klies
Bahralt Street, Sanctum
Nicholaj Valdau
Whitefall, Iron Pine Peak
Fortune's Shore, Shimmersand
Grandmaster Bela Calzon
Tuldio Retreat, Kingdom of Pelladane
Marco Fusilo
Tulan, Cape Jule
Ekbrila Cielon
The Canals, Tempest Bay
RecipesMongal Ultan
The Manufactory, Meridian
Bahralt Street, Sanctum
Fresa Stilon
Tuldio Retreat, Kingdom of Pelladane
Donas Kaprico
Tulan, Cape Jule
Tiel Galo
The Canals, Tempest Bay


The primary material for Outfitter is cloth, which is dropped by Humanoid mobs in all zones. There is no harvesting node for this. A secondary material is various Leathers, made by Butchers. All other materials, such as Thread, can be bought from Outfitter vendors.

For dropped cloth, the following table lists places and mobs that reliably drop that cloth. These are by no means the only mobs that do, just advice for what mobs to farm.

ClothSale ValueSource
Burlap Cloth6 Aelfwar and Boglings in Silverwood; Endless cultists and Undead in Freemarch
Salvaged Cloth10 combine 5 Cloth Squares from Salvaging
Cotton Cloth17 L17+ Pixies in Silverwood and Goblins in Gloamwood
Processed Cloth25  combine 5 Rugged Fabric from Salvaging
Wool Cloth41 Undead in Gloamwood at Mathosian Mill
Reclaimed Cloth50 combine 5 Unfinished Fabric from Salvaging
Linen Cloth60 Shatterbone mobs in Scarwood Reach at Timar Foothills
Silk Cloth82 Undead and Boglings in Moonshade Highlands
Composite Cloth1 23 Emerald Scale elves (except Shifters) in Stillmoor at Edgewood
Spellspun Silk1 63 Undead in Stillmoor at Hillsborough
Refined Cloth1 75 Combine 5 Unwoven Threads from Salvaging
Witchweave Cloth1 97 Pyrkari in Ember Isle
Bolt of Lockweave2 14 Recipe from quest: Weaving Lockweave
Bolt of Shaleweave5 31 Recipe from quest: A Silken Composite
Bolt of Spiritweave10 18 Recipe from quest: Fabricating Spirit Fabric
Lanzan Cloth3 12 Storm Legion troops and Undead in Brevane and Dusken
Chiffon Cloth3 52 Brevane and Dusken
Empyrean Silk4 22 Brevane and Dusken

Leather is made by Butchers.

LeatherHideSale ValueNotes
Soft LeatherSoft Hide7 
Salvaged Leatherfrom Salvaging10  combine 5 Leather Strips
Thin LeatherThin Hide20 
Medium LeatherMedium Hide49 
Reclaimed Leatherfrom Salvaging49  combine 5 Leather Pieces
Heavy LeatherHeavy Hide72 
Thick LeatherThick Hide98 
Processed Leatherfrom Salvaging1 25  combine 5 Well-Worn Leather
Fine LeatherWorkorder reward1 45 from Skilled Outfitter Supply Chest
Exotic LeatherExotic Hide1 48 
Refined Leatherfrom Salvaging1 75 combine 5 Impressed Leather
Soulbind LeatherSoulhide1 96 
Steeled Leather Ironhide2 36 
Dense Leather Dense Hide 3 12 
Striped Leather Striped Hide 3 52 
Truehide Leather Truehide 4 22 
Leather and Hide sell for the same price


Light Downy Cloth (requires Outfitter 115)

  1. From a Humble Scrap (20)
  2. Weaving Lockweave (20)
Reward: Recipe: Bolt of Lockweave

Tough Silken Cloth (requires Outfitter 185)

  1. Textile Texture (30)
  2. A Silken Composite (30)
Reward: Recipe: Bolt of Shaleweave

Exquisite Cloth (requires Outfitter 280)

  1. The Caress of Cloth (50)
  2. Fabricating Spirit Fabric (40)
Reward: Recipe: Bolt of Spiritweave

Workorder Quests







Your core recipes, those that you must have to be an Outfitter, will be offered to you by your trainer. Rarer recipes for higher-quality items can be bought using Artisan's Marks (obtained from the Workorder daily or weekly quests) and are purchased from the Outfitter Recipes vendor at The Manufactory in Meridian or at Bahralt Street in Sanctum.

For all recipes for Outfitters, see Outfitter Recipes.

Ally Faction Recipes

The following recipes require a certain zone ally faction to purchase and the required materials may include a Core from the same zone.

RecipeSkill Req'dZoneFactionNotorietyCore
Nightshade Belt90StonefieldGranite FallsHonoredGnarled Core
Nightshade Belt90GloamwoodGloamwood WaykeepersHonoredShadow Core
Iron Claw Headwrap130Scarwood ReachIron Claw TrappersFriendlyGnarled Core
Marauder's Breeches190Moonshade HighlandsThe RuneguardFriendlyGlowing Core
Wayward Brigandine300Iron Pine PeakIcewatchHonoredIcebound Tear
Ceremonial Shoulderpads300StillmoorOrder of MathosHonoredDead Core
Ceremonial Visage300StillmoorOrder of MathosHonoredDark Pith and Dead Core
Wayward Breeches300ShimmersandDragonslayer CovenantHonoredBrightshale
Steel-Stitched Leather Boots300Ember IsleKelari ExpeditionHonored
Steel-Stitched Leather Boots300Ember IsleThe FarclanHonored
Radiant Witchweave Gloves300Ember IsleThe KeepersHonored

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