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A profession is a trade-oriented skill players learn in order to gather, make, or otherwise enhance items.

Professions are learned from a specific trainer or books after a specific mastery level (such as Runecloth bandages). Professions, with the exception of Runeforging (Death Knights), Poisons and Lockpicking (Rogues), can be learned by any race or class.

Specific trade skills within a profession allow a player to craft a specific types of items or add enhancements to items, such as Cobrahide Leg Armor for example. These skills (or recipes) are learned from the profession's trainers, they are dropped from recipes or are obtained as a result of a quest for that profession.

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Primary and Secondary Profession

They are two type of profession in the game, primary profession and secondary profession.

At any given time, a character may only have 2 primary profession learned. You can of course unlearn those and pick a new one if you don't like your current one, be mindful that you'll lose any skill you had with the original one, so it is not a decision to take lightly. You can take all the secondary profession however.

Primary Profession

Blacksmithing - Used to create object mades out of metal and ores.
Leatherworking - produces leather armor, armor kits and other leather-based products.
Tailoring creates clothing out of cloth.
Alchemy makes potions from herbs.
Engineering creates engineering tools and gadgets as well as guns and bombs.
Enchanting allows to enchant other object, and doesn't really create anything, but makes existing objects permanently more powerful.
Jewelcrafting was added to the game with The Burning Crusade expansion. It allows players to put gems into certain piece of gear (they must have sockets) and makes them more powerful.
Inscription was added to the game with The Wrath of the Lich King expansion. The main use of inscription is to create Glyph that can be used to empower your class's ability.
Herbalism collects herbs from flowers, bushes and roots that spawn in the zone. When you take herbalism as a profession, you will get an ability that lets you detect herbs on your minimap. Often used in conjunction with Alchemy and Inscription.
Mining is like herbalism, except that you gather ore, stone, and gems from ore veins. Again, you get an ore detection skill. Often used in conjunction with Mining, Engineering and Jewelcrafting.

Learning Mining will also teach you Smelting, which allows you to turn you metal ore into metal bars. Smelting requires a forge.

Skinning is collected from creatures you or others have slain. After looting a corpse of a creature that can be skinned -- almost always a "beast" -- the game will indicate that the corpse is skinnable. Often used in conjunction with Leatherworking

Secondary Profession

First Aid can create bandages from clothes.
Cooking makes food from, well, foodstuffs.
Fishing allows to fish for... well, fishes and other type of goods.

For more info on profession, you can read Newbie Guide 5 - Regarding Tradeskills.

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