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So you like food? Maybe you have a few thousand fish lying around from following some other guide? Maybe you're tired of mooching from your guildies at raid time for that buff? Well, you could do worse than learning to cook...

What about those of us with a passion for the culinary art? There's only one thing to do, and that's to earn the Hail to the Chef achievement and become a Chef! And here's the guide to show you how to get there.

I highly recommend being a fisherman, and maybe even using Salty - A Guide To Fishing Achievements as you progress through your cooking career. Even if you are not interested in earning the Salty title, many of the cooking achievements will require a steady supply of fish. Some of the best buff food in the game are from fish meals. You might as well pick fishing up, or you'll basically be short changing yourself.

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This guide is not a guide to show how to level up cooking or to explain how cooking works in World of Warcraft. It assumes you already know and understand the basic of the tradeskill. While it's not a bad idea to knock those achievements off the board while leveling cooking - in fact some achievements are easier to do while leveling! - you will have to look elsewhere to find answer to questions concerning the basics.

As always, I do not claim this is the only way or even the best way to get the achievement, only that this way works.

Achievements: How to get them


This is actually five achievements, each one folding into another. Each give 10 achievement points, for a total of 50.

All you need to do to earn those is reach the proper skill level and train to get to the next step. You'll get those without really trying, so just see them as 50 free achievement points.

Ironically, there is no achievement for maxing out Cooking at 450/450, so it would be possible (if extremely unlikely) to earn the Chef title without being capped.

The Cake Is Not A Lie

Gathering the ingredients to cook the cake should not be a challenge for anybody who is high enough level to cook it. The problem is that the cake is a rare recipe only awarded from doing cooking dailies (Both Northrend and Outland). Once you have the recipe, getting the achievement is just a matter of cooking the cake.

Kickin' It Up a Notch

This involves completing all 4 cooking dailies given out by The Rokk in Shattrath City. The quest reward can give you some rare recipes which are needed to complete other cooking achievements, so odds are you'll be doing those dailies long after you've completed the achievement.

The Northrend Gourmet

This is another achievement that is many achievements in one. You'll get the first one at 15 recipe, the second at 30 and the last 45 recipe cooked. 45 is essentially all the available Northrend recipes. Gathering the mats isn't the challenge here, the challenge is learning all of those recipes. You can get the first 15 simply from the trainers, but after that you'll need to buy them with Dalaran cooking awards. At 3 awards for a recipe, it will take you a while to get them all. There's also 4 recipes that are random world drop, more on those under Second That Emotion.

Second That Emotion

The 4 recipes of this achievement are pretty much there just for the achievement - eating the food does nothing but give you an amusing buff with no in-game effect. You do not need to actually cook the food to earn this achievement, merely eat it. However, you need to cook all 4 in order to get The Northrend Gourmet. Those recipes cannot be bought, they are random (BoP) world drops. They have a fairly high drop rate, but if you didn't get them while leveling to 80, you'll need to go grind some mobs in order to get them.

Critter Gitter

You'll need some Critter Bites, which is a Northrend Cooking recipe. Then you need to find a spot with plenty of critters in order to get it in time. Here's a short youtube video of someone doing it in the Deeprun Tram. Pun intended.

Our Daily Bread

This is similar to Kikin' It Up a Notch, except it's in Dalaran and the quests are given out by Katherine Lee or Awilo Lon'gomba - note that aside from the different quest givers and flavor text, those quests are identical for Alliance and Horde. Once you complete all 5, you will get the achievement. The cooking quests in Dalaran are peculiar - most of them are quite easy to do and simply involve running around Dalaran and picking up stuff.
  • Infused Mushroom Meatloaf - You actually need to cook for this one, some Northern Stew. The mushroom needed for the rest can be found in the Dalaran Sewer.
  • Sewer Stew - You should know where to find chilled meat easily, the carrots can be found in Crystal Song Forest, directly under Dalaran in an area called the Forlorn Woods.
  • Mustard Dogs! - Rhino meat can be obtained from the Rhino in Borean Tundra, while the mustard weeds are in the courtyard of Dalaran.
  • Convention at the Legerdemain - The Wine is at the wine shop, you'll have to make 4 northern stew for this one.
  • Cheese for Glowergold - This one requires no cooking at all. Just go to the cheese shop and grab a cheese wheel and then find 6 half empty wine glasses - they're all over Dalaran.

Dinner Impossible

Once you can make Great Feast, this one is quite easy. You can learn how to cook great feast from the Dalaran Cooking Trainer at cooking 390. Simply makes 5 and than visit the various battlegrounds.

Sous Chef

On your way to Sous-Chef, which is learning a 100 recipes, you'll first unlock 3 other achievements. You learn recipes by various way - from trainers, from random vendors around the land, from quests and from buying them with Dalaran Cooking Awards.
Lunch Lady - Learn 25 recipes.
Short Order Cook - Learn 50 recipes
Chef de Partie - Learn 75 recipes

Captain Rumsey's Lager

You can get the recipe for the Lager from the fishing daily reward in Outland, those given out by Old Man Barlo. You'll either need to be a fisherman yourself or have someone willing to sell it to you. Completing the recipe isn't that difficult once you have learned it.

The Outland Gourmet

Another one that at first appears easy, but quickly proves to have several hurdles along the way, is The Outland Gourmet. The majority of the recipes in Outland can be found from vendor in the various outposts in the world. A quick search on Zam will help you find them. However, there's a handful that can only be earned from completing The Rokk's cooking daily. They are: Be aware that last 2 here can also be earned from complete the Dalaran Cooking Daily, so if they're the only two you're missing, you can safely stop doing the Outland Cooking Daily.

A little known fact is that kylene, a bar maid at the world end's tavern in Shattrath City is actually a cooking trainer and she has 3 unique recipes you need to know to complete this achievement.

Optional Achievements

Technically, all achievements are optional. However, the ones below do not play any role at all in earning the Chef title.

Dalaran Cooking Awards

This is another one of those achievements that are many folded into one, they go as follow:

You will get most of these while getting the awards necessary to complete the Northrend Gourmet.

Chef de Cuisine

This one is actually a follow up to Sous-Chef and will replace it once you've earned it. Learning 160 recipes is quite the task - they are only l66 in the game. You will need to hit up many low level quests to earn their recipes and possibly use your realm forums to get players from the other faction to sell you recipes that are held by faction specific vendors.

Cooking With Style

Obtaining a chef's hat will cost you 100 Dalaran Cooking Awards. It goes without saying that since this achievement is not mandatory for the title, you should wait to buy this item after you have all the recipes you need.
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