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Deepstrike Mine Enterance
Deepstrike Mine Enterance
Instances are special areas in Rift: Planes of Telara where your group or raid party is able to interact with a dungeon (or other 'area') privately; that is, without interference from other parties or raids.

  • Most of the game is not instanced [1] and can be traveled across seamlessly without seeing a load screen [2], with only dungeons and high-level raids being a definite possibility for instanced areas.[3] The server technology also allows for instances to change over time depending on player actions.[4]
  • There are both group and private instances.[5]
  • There are instances at end-game with different sizes. 5, 10 and 20. [6]
  • Some instances, such as Deepstrike Mines "scale" to some degree. If you come back at a later level, you will have a different experience.[7]
    • Every dungeon has 2 versions, a normal one for its original level and an expert version that expands the story and intended for level cap. For level 50 instances, the expert version would be what is referred to as 'heroic' in some other games.[8]
  • Raid instances have lock-out timers
  • Standard difficulty dungeons can be reset immediately, Expert difficulty is on a daily reset. [9]

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Expert Instances

Level 50+ Instances.

Instanced Raids

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