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Hammerknell Fortress
Matron Zamira
Soulrender Zilas
Rune King Molinar
Prince Dollin
Inquisitor Garau
Inwar Darktide

for the 2-man Chronicle, see Chronicle: Hammerknell Fortress

Hammerknell Fortress was introduced on July 27, 2011, during Phase 5 of the Waves of Madness event.

Hammerknell is the third 20-man raid and the first Tier 2 raid. It features both the planes of Death and Water within its three wings, which hold 10 bosses. :The Abyssal Cult is trying to free Akylios, the dragon of water, from within Hammerknell. Meanwhile servants from the plane of Death fight for control, and Telarans are stuck in the middle." [1]

The story for the raid will be outlined in quests and the five phases leading up to the opening of Hammerknell's gates. Hanlin said that when it came to the lore, "the raid's story has been developed for a while. The entire lore of Telara is really moving forward. These aren't nameless bosses; these are big dragons! Players have killed Greenscale already; if we bump off Akylios, that's two out of only six." [2]

For boss strategies, see the individual Boss mob page.


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