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A Ninja, commonly referred to as a loot ninja or a ninja looter, is a player who "swoops in" to grab loot to which they are not entitled, either by intent or "regular coincidence".

Loot ninjas are almost universally despised on every realm for the below behaviors and often get a bad reputation from the practice. Many players will even go so far as to publicly alert other members of their faction about these players, using whatever global channel they can and naming the players publicly.

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  • A player who loots everything in an instance without asking, such as chests, ores, etc.
  • A player who has a tendency to roll "Need" on everything regardless of if he/she can use it.
  • A player who sits by or tries to disturb another player while he or she is fighting a mob so the other player dies and he gets an easy kill (and loot) afterwards.[1]
  • A player who rolls on BoP items when everyone else has already passed on them or loots a corpse without permission after everyone has passed on a BoP item and disregards any previously set looting rules the group or raid may have.
  • A player who continually loots chests/harvests resources while the group/raid is busy fighting mobs. Some have been known to use stealth to pull this off.
  • A party or raid leader who changes the looting system to "Master Loot" near the end of a boss kill and steals the loot off of a corpse without letting other players roll for the items. Typically, this tends to happen when this type of player sets up a group for a specific boss kill and then disbands the group, hearths out without speaking or claims they "have to (insert excuse here)". What they are usually doing is then setting up another group to repeat the process.[2]
  • Gold farming "bots" that will try to join groups in order to swoop in and grab items in order to sell them.


  1. ^ Not possible as often now due to "tagging" of mobs although some will try to tag it right before another player hits it to get the kill.
  2. ^ This is also typical behavior of gold farmers, although they are not as common.

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