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A Player in World of Warcraft is the human being behind the Alliance or Horde character (also referred to as their "toon").

Players can be identified from Player Characters due to one player can control many accounts, such as the recent posts all over the 'net about a single player controlling 32 separate accounts. Player characters are also different from NPCs in that they have a blue or (in the case of mods) pink name bar. The difference here is when the character is flagged for PVP. In that case, the character name appears green to their own side and either yellow or red to the opposing side. Yellow means that they are flagged and you are not, red means you are both flagged for PvP. The game also makes a few specific distinctions.

  • Guild Charter signatures - Only one player account, regardless of alts, can sign a charter. This is to prevent a small number of players from starting a guild (such as gold farmers). So a player with nine alts can only sign the charter once, as the Player account is what is used to verify the signature, not the character on the account.
  • Limitations in Auction House purchases - A player account may not bid or buyout their own auctions to prevent abuse of the AH.
  • PVP servers - A player account can make a character of either side but they are limited to creating characters for one side or the other only, not both.[1]
  • GM Tickets - When a player submits a ticket, even if they log into a different character, the GM can contact that player regardless of which character as it is the account that creates the ticket, not the individual character on the account.


  1. ^ PVE servers do not have this restriction.

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