Rift Quest:Baffling Crucia's Winds  

Fae Yule Celebration
Rift Annual
Holiday Event

This quest is a part of the annual Fae Yule Celebration.

Close 2 Air rifts, anywhere in Telara, that are of a level high enough that you get experience from it. For a 50, that means the rift must be 43 or higher. Most rifts in Iron Pine Peak, Shimmersand, Stillmoor or Ember Isle will be high enough.

If you have the Air Lure skill you don't have to hunt for an Air rift, just open any Minor or Major Tear into one.

During the Fae Yule Celebration many Air rifts will become one of the special Fae Yule rifts. They will still count for updates and may get you other Fae Yule goodies as well.

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