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This zone is really not for solo play. Those with Expert T2 gear can explore solo and, depending on your build, quest and kill some, you will die a lot without a partner. Any add will almost certainly mean a death. Some places, such as Dormant Core, are filled with 52 Elites and a full group is required.

If you have FULL T1 raid gear, it is not too bad (MAY survive one add, never two). Partial HK gear should be able to solo out here with relative ease, but you are still not gonna solo any elites.

We also recommend, strongly, that you spend some Planar Achievement points adding the ability to carry more Planar Charges. This is very important when doing Onslaught quests.


The only way to get to the island initially is to use the Travel Stone near your home city. Once here you can unlock the Porticulums and other Travel Stones.

  • The Sanctum Travel Stone is on the water's edge just northwest of the underside of the Sanctum bridge.
  • The Meridian Travel Stone is southwest of the city gates, outside the city, up a rise from Spirit of Rhaza'de.
  • We strongly advise that you bind at Ember Watch once you get there, as turn-ins for everything else on the island are there.


Defiant portals are west and east, Guardians' are south and north, with Ember Watch at the center of the cross.

Travel Stones

Greater Travel Stones:




Although you might expect Fire activity to predominate, all planes seem equally represented.

Raid Rifts:

Zone Events

  • In Golden's Grasp - Earth: The followers of Laethys seek to craft her a new body of gold
  • Fires of Rebirth - Fire: Scerrion and his Wanton army seek to free Maelforge from his prison
  • Ithkus' Rise - Water: Ithkus, a demented spirit that follows Akylios, seeks to escape his prison and drown Ember Isle
  • The Seed of Change - Life: Alltha, Queen of the Boglings, seeks to plant a Life Seed directly into the Nexus through a Sourcewell to corrupt all of Telara from within


There are many Collectible books all over the island. Together, for those bold enough to brave the jungles and ruins to look for them, they tell the Lore of the island.


For a more complete overview of the Lore of the Ember Isle, see Ember Isle Lore.


Rare Mobs

In the wilds of Ember Isle you may encounter monsters that are more powerful than their common brethren. These Rare Mobs are all 52 Elite and will require a team of dedicated hunters to track and kill. Kill any 10 to earn It's Always Hunting Season. Kill all 20 Rare Elite mobs to earn the Great Beasts Fear My Name achievement.

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