River of Souls (Rift Event)  

River of Souls is a Rift world event that launched on March 30, 2011 and ran in three phases. It ended on April 16, 2011.

Some rewards could only be purchased from the world event merchants and certain achievements could only be earned during the course of this event.

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Event Wrap-up

UPDATE: Announced on 4/26/2011: "Hartsman also asked us to remind all players to log in and grab their River of Souls Event Reward Pack from their mailbox as soon as possible. You need to spend your Otherworldly Sourcestone before the vendor items disappear with the launch of Update 1.2... so buy some epic gear or other rewards before it's too late." [1] You have until May 10, 2011 to spend them!

All players who had an existing character before Phase 2 kicked off should have received a River of Souls Event Reward Pack in their mail on 4/20/2011. This pack contained:

In addition, Trion also announced on 4/20/2011 that they will be allowing players with the event quests in their journal to turn complete them soon. A world event merchant will also remain in Meridian and Sanctum for players to spend the remainder of their Otherworldly Sourcestones at. This is only for a limited time! [3]

"It has come to our attention that the quest turn-ins were disabled for the River of Souls World Event quests. It was our intention that you be able to complete the quests if you were already on them at the time they were deactivated.

We will be re-activating the quest turn-ins soon, you can complete the quests and purchase your rewards from the World Event merchants found at:

Defiant - Boularna in the College of Planar Studies, Meridian
Guardian - Brendnall in Thontic's Row, Sanctum

We realize this has caused some confusion and appreciate you bringing the issue to our attention - thanks!"


World Event Specific:

  • Grim Bounty - Collect 300 Otherworldly Sourcestone. This can be done in any phase.
  • Grim Survivor - Identify the origin of Evanescing Shadestone; quest item rewarded as part of the loot from closing a death rift and complete the quest to get the achievement.
  • Grim Hero - Participate in the Grim Harvest final event; presumably requires participation in Phase 3.
  • Grim Protector - Participate in at least one Phase 2 Grim Harvest zone invasion, including defeating the bosses of the invasion.
  • Grim Victory - Unlock all Grim Harvest achievements; complete all of the above four achievements.

Can Be Earned During or After Event:

  • The Discordant - Emote either /kneel or /bow to Alsbeth during the opening event in Phase 3. Can also be done later in the River of Souls raid zone.
  • Take Me to the River - Enter the River of Souls raid zone. Could be completed anytime after Phase 3 was over.

Phase 3: Echoes of the Past

This phase began immediately after Phase 2 was complete. For EU shards this was in under 2 hours, for many NA shards this was within 40 minutes or less.

This phase took place at the heights of Caer Mathos in Stillmoor. There was about a 10-15 minute wait before Alsbeth appeared to give players time to get there. There was no battle, only storyline, and the story lasted as little as 5-10 minutes before the raid zone portal was opened.

Phase 2: The Reaping

This phase begun on Saturday, April 16 between noon PDT and 3pm PDT (varied by server, was slowly rolled out to avoid instability). This phase occurred on the EU servers at noon GMT.

The Order of Mathos have established Fortified Wardstones in all the Neutral Zones, while the Sanctum Guard is stationed in Silverwood and Gloamwood, and the Eldritch Vanguard are stationed in Freemarch and Stonefield.

Alsbeth is attacking Fortified Wardstones, mostly of the Order of Mathos, with undead Colossi pulled from the River of Souls. Destroy these creatures in each zone to save Telara from destruction!

  • Freemarch Defended
  • Silverwood Defended
  • Stonefield Defended
  • Gloamwood Defended
  • Scarlet Gorge Defended
  • Scarwood Reach Defended
  • Moonshade Highlands Defended
  • Droughtlands Defended
  • Iron Pine Peak Defended
  • Shimmersand Defended
  • Stillmoor Defended

One of the River of Souls Phase 2 bosses in Scarwood Reach. With bonus sea of turtles!

Phase 1: Growing Darkness

New rifts and invasions from the Plane of Death are appearing across the world. Visit Sanctum or Meridian to learn how you can help defend Telara and earn Otherworldly Sourcestones, which can be used to obtain items of power and mystery.

Fully participating in Minor Death Rifts will net you four Otherworldly Sourcestones and Major Death Rifts net you eight. Defeating a roaming death invasion force will net you one sourcestone.

This phase started on March 30, 2011.

Two zone invasions can be found in every outdoors zone during this phase.


Daily quests in Sanctum and Meridian each reward fifteen Otherworldly Sourcestone. The Quest NPCs also sell the same items as the World Event Merchants. A few one-time quests can also be found during the event.

Speak to Sister Belladonna in Tavril Plaza or Seruldu Elhar in Epoch Plaza:

Speak to Brother Hyperion in Tavril Plaza or Niddya Falstone in Epoch Plaza:

This quest is only available from Brother Hyperion or Niddya Falstone after completing the other three dailies at least once.

A one-time breadcrumb quest can be received near wardstones in other zones which will lead you to the daily quest event NPCs in the cities.

Receive an Evanescing Shadestone and examine it to receive a one-time quest:

Receive a Shadetouched Weapon Cache by defeating a zone event invasion and get a quest! Rewards vary by class and level.

You will need to speak with Boularna in Meridian or Brendnall in Sanctum during this quest.

World Event Merchants

The currency for this event is Otherworldly Sourcestone, which can be received as a quest, death rift or death invasion reward. The rewards are available from the merchants below and from at least one of the two Daily Quest NPC's in the cities. When looking at the items that can be bought you will only see the rings that your Calling can use.

Item Name Price Calling Lvl
Vial of Liquid Shadows 10 --- --
Lesser Coruscating Deathstone 40 Mage --
Lesser Glittering Deathstone 40 Cleric --
Lesser Scintillating Deathstone 40 Warrior --
Lesser Shimmering Deathstone 40 Rogue --
Lesser Soul-Iron Band 50 Rogue --
Lesser Soul-Iron Loop 50 Mage --
Lesser Soul-Iron Ring 50 Warrior --
Lesser Soul-Iron Signet 50 Cleric --
Glittering Deathstone 80 Cleric 30
Coruscating Deathstone 80 Mage 30
Scintillating Deathstone 80 Warrior 30
Shimmering Deathstone 80 Rogue 30
Hagbrood Hatchling 100 --- --
Icon of Twilight 100 Rogue --
Shadetouched Hound 100 --- --
Shadetouched Scarab 100 --- --
Soul-Iron Band 100 Rogue 30
Soul-Iron Loop 100 Mage 30
Soul-Iron Ring 100 Warrior 30
Soul-Iron Signet 100 Cleric 30
Touch of the Shade 100 --- --
Initiate's Phylactery 100 Mage --
Chalice of Grief 100 Cleric --
Decayed War Trophy 100 Warrior --
Greater Coruscating Deathstone 160 Mage 40
Greater Glittering Deathstone 160 Cleric 40

Item Name Price Calling Lvl
Greater Scintillating Deathstone 160 Warrior 40
Greater Shimmering Deathstone 160 Rogue 40
Acolyte's Phylactery 200 Mage 30
Chalice of Suffering 200 Cleric 30
Tainted War Trophy 200 Warrior 30
Greater Soul-Iron Band 200 Rogue 40
Greater Soul-Iron Loop 200 Mage 40
Greater Soul-Iron Ring 200 Warrior 40
Greater Soul-Iron Signet 200 Cleric 40
Icon of Gloom 200 Rogue 30
Exalted Coruscating Deathstone 240 Mage 50
Exalted Glittering Deathstone 240 Cleric 50
Exaulted Scintillating Deathstone 240 Warrior 50
Exalted Shimmering Deathstone 240 Rogue 50
Exalted Soul-Iron Band 300 Rogue 50
Exalted Soul-Iron Loop 300 Mage 50
Exalted Soul-Iron Ring 300 Warrior 50
Exalted Soul-Iron Signet 300 Cleric 50
Chalice of Agony 300 Cleric 40
Defiled War Trophy 300 Warrior 40
Icon of Shadows 300 Rogue 40
Magister's Phylactery 300 Mage 40
Archmage's Phylactery 400 Mage 50
Chalice of Damnation 400 Cleric 50
Corrupted War Trophy 400 Warrior 50
Icon of Eternal Darkness 400 Rogue 50
Guise of Death 500 --- 30

Developer Information

Friday's Dev Chat (4/8/2011) revealed:

  • Phase 2 of the event will begin tomorrow, April 9, at noon PDT. "I would recommend being there on time, this phase will take a different form than the current one," Krausnick said.
    • NOTE: This phase has been delayed since the developer chat. [4]
  • Phase 2 will last until players beat it. Krausnick said it will likely last a matter of hours.
  • Players of all levels will be able to participate in Phase 2.
  • Players will receive messages tomorrow telling them where they should go for Phase 2. Cook said that for the bulk of the phase you can pick any zone and you won't be wrong.
  • Much of the content you'll see in Phase 2 and Phase 3 is one-time only.

Friday's Dev Chat (4/8/2011) revealed:

  • When asked if Phase 3 will begin right after Phase 2, Cook said, "Phases without specified date/times will often chain after the preceding phase based on player actions/participation in that preceding phase."
  • Here is Cook's description of Phase 3: "Once you complete it the raid instance River of Souls will become unlocked - but you'll have to go through Alsbeth's reanimated minions to do it!"
  • The weapons cache will be "very available" tomorrow.
  • No more items will be added to the world event vendor. However, consumables will likely be added in the future to help you burn through excess currency.
  • Future events will use different currency, so you can sell or get rid of currency you don't spend.

Developer Tips for Phase 2
This was posted around 11am PDT on 4/16/2011 on the official Rift forums: [5]

Hey, everyone! After running the EU event earlier today, we wanted to share some preview info for the US on the world event occurring this afternoon. Here are some things you can do to help make things go smoothly:

1) The event will begin at slightly different times on different servers. (Over the span of 12p-2p pacific.) Please don't be surprised if it doesn't begin on all servers precisely at noon.

2) Once the event begins, there are event bosses up in all zones at the same time!

3) If you find yourself as part of a zerg that's insanely big to where you're only seeing your tiny area of people on a colossus, move on to a new one or a different zone!

4) You should get credit for the event as long as you participate in anything that's going on, anywhere in the world. You don't need to all be on the same colossus in the same zone at once to win.

Given the popularity of the event and the focus on a specific time, we do expect to see queuing.

Since we are very likely to end up in a situation where we have people queued who could not participate, and people who could not make the finale at all, we're already making sure we have a way to reward people appropriately after the fact. (For both US and EU region players, of course.) Stay tuned here to the forums over the next couple days for specifics there.

Get a glimpse at the lore behind Rift's River of Souls worldwide dynamic event.

River of Souls
World Event

Rift: Patch 1.1

ZAM would like to thank Gaarawarr Gabs for Phase 2 Alpha information.


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