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Once, the court of Mathosia was comprised of knights and nobles who helped to rule the kingdom virtuously and with honor. When Prince Aedraxis became a vassal of Regulos, however, he transformed that governing body into the Endless Court. His own Brother, Zareph, led a civil war against him, and most of Mathosia chose the side of light. Regulos, however, destroyed Zareph's forces, leaving us at the mercy of the Endless Court. Yet still we resist, and have united as the Order of Mathos. We strive to restore Mathosia to its former glory. First, however we must overthrow the Endless Court and destroy its armies. Though the Endless Court is served by our brothers and cousins, we cannot show them mercy, just as we cannot be daunted by the threat of our own deaths.
~Dragomir Rakovic

Gaining Notoriety

Humanoid and some undead Mobs around The Endless Citadel in Stillmoor will grant notoriety. They will give notoriety up to Glorified
  • Non-Elite Mobs: +5 Order of Mathos Notoriety.
  • Elite Mobs: +10 Order of Mathos Notoriety.
  • Raid Mobs: +50 Order of Mathos Notoriety.
River of Souls.
Most of the quests in Stillmoor increase this faction. To see a complete database list click here.
Daily Quests
Once you reach level 50, and after completing the prerequisite quests, the primary method for building Notoriety with this faction is Daily quests. Each will reward from 150-750 Notoriety. A list of these daily quests are shown below. You will be able to receive up to five of these quests on any single day. The available five cycle each day.

Notoriety Rewards

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