graveyard (WoW)  

A graveyard is a special area where a player is sent upon death. Each zone is divided, invisibly, into sections. Where a player dies determines which graveyard they are sent to.

After dying, the player is brought to a graveyard as a ghost or, if they are a Night Elf, a wisp.

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Graveyards in PvE

If the player releases their spirit from an instance or any part of the normal world, they will be brought to the appropriate graveyard. There, they can either talk to the Spirit Healer located in the graveyard or return to their corpse to resurrect.

Graveyards in PvP

Dying in battlegrounds carries different consequences from dying in the normal world. The player is taken to the nearest graveyard controlled by their faction (these are related to PvP objectives). There, they can either return to their corpse to resurrect, as normal, or wait for a Spirit Guide located at the graveyard to return them to life with full health and mana. The Spirit Guide will resurrect all nearby ghosts every 30 seconds.

If a player dies in the Arena, then they are allowed to remain as a spectator only.

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