Spirit Healer (WoW)  

A Spirit Healer is an angelic-seeming being that only appears to players who are dead.

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Purpose of Spirit Healers

Spirit Healers can only be found at graveyards, by players who have been killed. By talking to the Spirit Healer, a player can return to life there at the graveyard, at the cost of a 25% durability penalty to all items in the player's inventory and all equipped items. Additionally, returning to life at a graveyard grants a debuff known as Resurrection Sickness. This debuff decreases all stats by 75%, as well as all damage dealt by 75%. Players from levels 1 to 10 do not suffer from Resurrection Sickness, though they still incur a durability penalty. At levels 11-20, players are inflicted with Res. Sickness for 1 minute per every level they are above 10 (one minute at 11, two minutes at 12, etc.). For players level 20 and beyond, Res. Sickness will last 10 minutes.

Alternatives to using a Spirit Healer

For those players who do not wish to incur the penalties of reviving at a graveyard, there is an alternative method of returning to life. Upon dying, the player will return to the game as a ghost or wisp. On the minimap, an arrow will appear pointing towards the player's corpse. Once the character has gotten within sufficient range of their corpse, they will be able to revive, with no durability penalty (aside from the normal penalty for dying) and no debuff. This can be dangerous on Player vs Player servers if the original death was caused by another player. Some players will hide near their victim's corpse and wait for them to resurrect to kill them again, a practice known as ganking.

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