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Mana Regeneration ("Regen") is the rate at which the player's mana pool regenerates.

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How does this work?

Similar to HP Regen, for every two seconds spent, there is one tick of health regeneration. The amount of health (or mana) a player can regen both in and out of combat is determined by the total amount of spirit and their class.

The condition of a game character gaining mana points over time is referred to as mana regeneration. Players gain mana from two sources - their total Spirit or equipped/used items. Spirit regenerates high amounts of mana but has the restriction of being interrupted for five seconds after using any mana for a spell (the 5 second rule), while item-based regeneration is typically lower but continues uninterrupted.

Spirit Based Regen

The main base stat which regenerates mana is spirit. To a lesser extent, intellect also contributes to the regen, as well as character level to a smaller degree.

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