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Hit Point Regeneration ("Regen") is the rate at which health points regenerate.

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How does this work?

Similar to mana regeneration, for every two seconds spent, there is one tick of health regeneration. The amount of health (or mana) a player can regen both in and out of combat is determined by the total amount of spirit and their class.


Class Health gained per tick
Druid Spirit * 0.09 + 6.5
Hunter Spirit * 0.25 + 6
Mage Spirit * 0.10 + 6
Paladin Spirit * 0.25 + 6
Priest Spirit * 0.10 + 6
Rogue Spirit * 0.50 + 2
Shaman Spirit * 0.11 + 7
Warlock Spirit * 0.07 + 6
Warrior (Pre-BC) Spirit * 0.80 + 6
Warrior Spirit * 0.50 + 6
  • Health Regeneration is increased by 33% while sitting.
  • Trolls regenerate 110% of this amount while out of combat, and 10% of this amount while in combat.

Health Regen in Combat

While in combat, health regen based on spirit does not occur, except for trolls who regen the 10% mentioned above. Regardless however, many items will have a reference to "Restores X health (every/per) "x" seconds" or "+x Health Regeneration" (in the case of some of the newer TBC items) and will regenerate health at all times, even while in combat.

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