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There are well over 140 quests in the Howling Fjord and completing them will grant not only a ton of experience but an achievement as well. While you CAN come to the Fjord at 68, many of the folks who beta tested might argue that it is a better experience to wait until 70. Less resists, better damage output and less aggro chance while heading out to quest. You will also have more quests open right away at 70 as well.

Now, should you opt to hit the Fjord first instead of Borean Tundra for your Northrend leveling, be aware that this is a zone in turmoil and strife. The majority of the major questlines are shared by both Horde and Alliance. The only real difference is that their quest NPCs and locations will be unique for each side.

If you are looking for Alliance information, you can head over to our Alliance Borean Tundra Quest Guide which covers the Borean Tundra for Alliance players.

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Vengeance Landing

The easiest way for Horde players to reach Northrend's Howling Fjord is via the new zeppelin found outside the Undercity, between the city and the town of Brill. Recently, Goblin engineers have completed building the structure and, after the appropriate decay level reached, it was put into service for the Horde. As you arrive in Vengeance landing, you will see a vast encampment, filled with siege engines, mounted troops and a variety of Forsaken designed buildings, valiantly fighting the Scourge foothold in the area.

When you arrive, head down the stairs and to your left, there is a bat rider, an inn and a few other structures. Standing near the Inn, Apothecary Lysander offers the first series of quests to get you started.

While working on those quests, you can look for Pontius, who will give you the following quests as well:

Note - While doing these quests, make sure to complete the following two for Sergeant Gorth and move to the final two after that:

Astride his undead warhorse at the far end of the encampment, High Executor Anselm provides quests for any maggots worthy of his time.

Optional Quests

New Agamand

New Agamand is one of the few Forsaken towns found in Howling Fjord. The town is named after the Agamand family, once a symbol of prosperity in Tirisfal Glades before the Plague. The town is on the "front lines" of the offensive against the Scourge. Ever since Lady Sylvanas Windrunner came to power, the Royal Apothecary Society has been working non stop to develop a weapon to wipe out the Scourge.

While in New Agamand, keep an eye out for Chief Plaguebringer Harris. He has several quests for you, including two optionals.

Optional Quests

There is also a questline that can be started from Doctor Sintar Malefious - Imbeciles Abound!

Camp Winterhoof

Chieftain Ashtotem offers this quest to start off the series - Skorn Must Fall! then, once that one is finished, you can complete three quests for the Winterhoof Braves:

Once those three are done, you can then move on to the following four quests.

While attacking Skorn, you will have a chance to pick up an item that opens up the following quests for you.

Also, during the quest Dealing With Gjalerbron, you may find a drop that begins two more quests.

The following NPCs have each of their quests broken down by NPC.

Greatmother Ankha

Longrunner Pembe

Sage Edan

Wind Tamer Kagan

Nokoma Snowseer

Apothecary Camp/Steel Gate

Apothecary Anastasia has:

While killing Scourge, receive a drop that begins: It's a Scourge Device

Apothecary Malthus

Apothecary Grick

Longrunner Skycloud


Ember Clutch Ancients, at Ember Clutch


Lunk-Tusk, at the Explorer's League Outpost.

This is a four-way quest tree of sorts. There are three that have a single step and one large one with four parts you must complete to open the next one.

Elder Atuik, at Kamagua

Then, when you finish the quest, Street "Cred", a whole line of new quests will open up for you.

In addition, completing Forgotten Treasure opens you up to complete the next three.

Once you complete those, head on over at Scalawag Point and look for Scuttle Frostprow. He will offer you two more quests.

This will complete the Kamagua area and you can then move on to the Frozen Glade.

The Frozen Glade

Optional Quests


Link to our Alliance quest guide for Borean Tundra

  1. ^ During Guide Our Sights, look for Apothecary Hanes, who will give you the following quest - Trail of Fire

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