A poster of legend from the mooglefucker forums. One of the creators of Godraiden, Brill spends his time provoking Godraiden and doing what everyone else does - wasting time on the forums. As Godraiden's fiercest enemy, Brill has to watch his every move, never knowing when the internet police will bust him for harassment.

Brill's likes include hockey, football, using an ice shield, and out-tanking Khael at Genbu. His dislikes include Godraiden, Godraiden, and, well, Godraiden.

Little else is known about this elusive man. He is also responsible for the worst ding thread in the history of the OoT. Consisting mostly of a hearty GFY, most posters left with a bad taste in their mouths. He is the only poster on Allakhazam who has a custom title consisting only of an emote face.

Much to the chagrin of the OoT Femmes, Brill is currently in a long standing relationship. Though, sources say, he could be convinced to cheat with Thumb.

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