A Dummies Guide to Lockpicking 300 (WoW)  

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Step 1: Do the Rogue "Polly" quest

This entails feeding a parrot a cracker close to ratchet, then unlocking the chests on the boat. You want to do this until the chests are grey to you, and ya, its going to take a while.

Note: As of 4/28/09 if u go down to the next level from the top deck, and go east on the boat (I think it is the front 65,45) u will find a bunch of lockboxes to pick. At 55 they turn green, but I took them to 75, then went to the treasure box down another level, 64,45. I picked the treasure box until lockpicking was 90, my max at lvl 18. (Found that u can use the boxes all the way to 105).

Step 2: Poison Quest

(Update: this chest is not pickable after completing the poison quest). Little known trick, while doing this quest in the NE barrens in the Venture Co. area is a chest at the top of a tower...Repeat what you did in Step 1. Open that chest until it goes grey... That'll help get you passed or up to 175

Step 3: Scarlet Monastery (see step 4 if too hard)

You can first start with unlocking the door into the instances, if you find you are too low to start on the door because you are too lazy, jump into the first instance and pickpocket everything in there. This is of course, making sure you have your stealth maxed to avoid detection. You can repeat that as many times as needed, but if you followed step 1 and 2, the door will get you above 200.

Step 4: Stranglethorn Vale

IF you are still having a hard time, or skipped step 2 and 3, there are Trolls to the Northwest of Grom'Gol. Pickpocket and lockpick them until your heart is content. Although SM is more effective cause of the respawn, it is better then getting pummeled by elites.

Step 5: Gadgetzan / Feralas / Badlands

You should by now have about 200-225 skill. Any of these 3 places have Ogres... Gadgetzan - South of Gadget, is a cave with a bunch. Feralas has a bunch, Badlands Orcs to the SW cave, SW of the Orc encampment.[1]

Step 6: Final LP

Blackrock Depths / Blackrock Spire 250+, you will pickpocket the rest of the way here, by this time you can open pretty much any of the lockboxes that people get in drops (ie. Mithril, Thorium). Until you hit 275, you won't be able to do the Large Locked chests, but if you are pickpocketing a lot you skill up each time after you get the "strong junkbox". It only took about 2 hours once I hit 250 to get to 300. Getting past 175 sucked, but I didn't know about the poison quest trick until a friend mentioned it...

There... Congrats LP 300!


  1. ^ This is about the time where people need you because you can start doing reinforced steel, steel and such. So when you are in Ogrimmar, or what ever main town you are in, send you tells to open boxes for free at a certain location. Make sure they actually HAND you the item, as just doing it in the trade screen results in no skill ups. More people you do it for, the more they refer you and eaiser it is to get that skill up...

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