A Goddess Risen (EQ2 Quest Series)  

Since childhood, Aaronolis and Annalisa Swornlove have been drawn to Erollisi Marr, the goddess of Love and the Hunt. So strong was their devotion to her that they became devoted priests of her order and dedicated themselves to preaching her virtues to others. Their faith gave them spiritual fulfillment and helped to define their lives.

After the death of Erollisi, the siblings were heartbroken. Annalisa took her loss especially hard and was unable to come to grips with her grief. For years, she has struggled with her shattered faith and her feeling of emptiness. Aaronolis has grown more concerned with his sister's well-being, as he has watched her slip further into darkness with no signs of coming out.

But hope may lie in the hands of the brave adventurers of Norrath who wish to help a brother console his grieving sister. Seek out Aaronolis Swornlove in New Halas to get started on your journey and perhaps learn the truth of what happened to the Goddess of Love, Erollisi Marr! [1]

Aaronolis Swornlove, a Priest of Love in New Halas, is growing more concerned about his sister's emotional state. He's looking for compassionate adventurers who might be willing to help her. He can be found at 26, 148, -53 near the Cairn of the Huntress of New Halas in Frostfang Sea.

The event is currently set to run 12/15/2011 through 02/06/2012 on the live servers.

  1. Unbreak My Heart
  2. Captive Heart - For this quest you will need:
  3. Thief of Hearts


SOE Behind the Scenes Video:

ZAM's Shard of Love: A Healing Touch Video:

Shard of Love: A Healing Touch is a revitalized version of Shard of Love that was introduced in the "A Goddess Risen" world event.

This article refers to events, personae, items and activities that were involved in A Goddess Risen.
The event is scheduled to run from December 15, 2011 through February 6, 2012.
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