A Guide to Silithus (WoW)  

A Guide to Silithus

Disclaimer: This guide is a work in progress.  Feedback is appreciated.

What is Silithus?
Silithus is a high end zone that was fleshed out in patch 1.8. It is ideal for lvl 55+ players, though I would recommend 58+ before going. In patch 1.8 it was turned into a major quest hub and in patch 1.9 onwards the High End Instance Ahn'Qiraj which will consist of the Ruins of Ahn'Qiraj, a 20-man raid dungeon, and the Temple of Ahn'Qiraj, a 40-man raid dungeon.

How do I get to Silithus
Catch a flight out to Gadgetzan in Tanaris. From there head into Un'goro crater. In Un'goro crater you are going to look for a ramp/path in the North West Corner

So I am in Silithus, What Now?
Follow the road west. It will take you to Cenarion Hold. Cenarion Hold is run by the Cenarion Circle. It contains both Alliance and Horde flight paths, an Inn and Mail Box and where the majority of your quests will come from.

Who are the Cenarion Circle and How do I Increase My Reputation With Them?
Who are the Cenarion Circle? The simple answer is they are Druids. Based mainly out of Moonglade. They are in Silithus trying to fix the damage brought by the Silithids and their masters the Qiraji. click here to learn more about the The War of the Shifting Sands.

So you want to increase your reputation with them? Simple do quests in Silithus. The quests in Silithus are designed to be reputation friendly. If you do all the available quests when you first arrive you will be friendly with Cenarion Circle. Once you increase in rep and advance to friendly and beyond with Cenarion Circle you have new quests become available to you.

Are There Repeatable Quests to Help Gain Faction?
Why yes, yes there are. There are a number of them.

The most famous repeatable quest for Cenarion Circle Faction is Morrowgrain Research avalaible for Alliance and Horde. Note I linked the first part of quest it is the second part of Morrowgrain Research that is the repeatable part.

Each Twilight Cultist kill will result in +1 gain to rep with cenarion circle.

Secret Communication requires you to get 10 Encrypted Texts off Twilight Cultists. It nets you +100 rep. Afterwards Encrypted Twilight Texts becomes available which is the same quest 10 pages for 100 rep and is repeatable.

In order to explain the rest of the repeatable quests it is necessary to talk about the Abbysal Council.

What is this Abyssal Council of Which You Speak?
They are Elite Mobs that must be Summoned and are used in quests and repeatable quests. They can best be described as a chain of mobs, starting from the lower rungs to the higher of which you must progress through. Additional note killing Abyssal Council members (templar,dukes,lords) gives reputation for each kill, along with quest rep and repeatable quest rep.

They can be broken down as follows:


Starts with the quest Abyssal Contacts. You will need 2 or more lvl 60 players to defeat the Templar. I would recommend 3 people but it can be done with two, it is just trickier.

In order to summon a templar you must have Twilight Cultist Cowl, Twilight Cultist Mantle and Twilight Cultist Robe. They drop fast off any sort of Twilight Cultist, you can farm cultists easily for them and get encrypted texts at the same time!

From there you will goto a Lesser Elemental Stone at the Twilight Cultist Outpost just to the West of Cenarion Hold. Put on your Twilight Cultist gear (if you don't have it on and touch the elemental stone you are in for a nasty surprise). The Templar will be summoned, it is a lvl 60 Elite Elemental. For each Templar you kill you get 1 Abyssal Crests. After initially turning in quest you can continue to farm Templars for Crests. Turn in 3 crests for reputation, this is a repeatable quest. You must have 3 crests to repeat though.


In order to get a Duke you must have Friendly faction! The quest Dukes of the Council (Elite) becomes available after you have done, Abyssal Contacts.

In order to Summon a Duke you need:
You need farm three Templars in order to get 3 Abyssal Crests. You will then need 1 Large Brilliant Shard plus the 3 crests in order to make Twilight Cultist Medallion of Station (A girl in town will do it for you, just give her the mats and she makes it). So with The Medallion and a full set of Twilight Cultist Gear (Head, Shoulders and Robe) you summon the Duke at an Elemental Stone (normal not lesser or greater). He drops usually Blue Gear (not always) and the Abyssal Signet which gives a sack of goodies which occassionaly has been known to give Epic Gear. You need a group of 5-10 people (more likely 7-10) to kill the duke.

Once you have completed you can farm dukes, three Abyssal Signets can be turned in for rep (repeat quest).

Abyssal Lords

This is a Raid Quest. Revered Faction is needed with Cenarion Circle (not positive but that is what all reliable sources quote it as).

It starts with the quest Goldleaf's Discovery. You will need 3 Abyssal Signets (farm 9 templars for 9 crests in order to farm 3 Dukes for 3 signets) and 5 Large Shards to make Twilight Cultist Ring of Lordship. Wearing full set of gear and the ring and summon the Abyssal Lord at the greater elemental stone and be prepared for a fight. Blue and Epic drops have been known to happen and he will also drop Abyssal Scepter which is turned in to complete quest. It then turns into repeat quest with 3 scepters required (are you seeing a pattern here?).

Quest Chains and Raid Quests
Silithus is a quest hub for people lvl 58+. There are a number of chain quests and elite quests which culminate in Raid quests which drop some truly magnificent blue gear.

An example is the Dearest Natalia quest chain and others which lead to the Emissary and The Calling

Silithius and Grouping
The true joy of Silithius is that it is a zone that encourages and requires grouping. A lot of people complain about the fact that WoW is almost to solo friendly. You do so much solo only to be forced into it in instances and bg only.

Silithius is a zone that is filled with quests and with great rewards that encourages group play in a fun setting. Go out with a group of guild mates at lvl 60 and enjoy doing elite and raid quests together. It is also a nice break from instance group play.

Silithius and Gold
Silithius is EXTREMELY money friendly. Almost everything that drops will sell in AH, the quests give nice gold and gear. Greater Scorpid Blood drop and a stack of 10 sells for 10gold or more. Elementals roam and drop essences (air and earth) and the drop rate has promised to see increase in patch 1.9. Spiders drop Ironweb and other silks that sell well and twilight cultists drop Runecloth which always sells well at AH. A smart player can make exceedingly larges amounts of gold if they farm smart in Silithus, or even just completing the quests.

Why Bother with Cenarion Rep and Silithus Quests?
Well if the joy of questing with friends, amazing drops and money to be made is not enough to entice you there is the fact that Ahn'Qiraj is around the corner. Blizzard has promised that "Players will have to complete a world event of massive proportions before they can open the Gates of Ahn'Qiraj on their realm.". Having your rep up and being familiar with the zone in which Ahn'Qiraj will be located can only be a bonus when this comes out.

Anyways I hope this guide will be of some use. Remember for specific quests to use the quest search function on your Allakhazam side bar.


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