Abilities (TR)  

Recruit - Tier 1

Hand to Hand Combat
  • Increases damage of all hand-to-hand and melee attacks
  • Adds knock-back to hand-to-hand and melee attacks
  • Reduces pistol reload time
  • Improves critical hit rate of rifles
  • Adds knock-back to shotgun attacks
  • Increases damage inflicted by shotguns, pistols, and rifles
Lightning (LOGOS)
  • A long-range energy attack that is very powerful and efficient
  • Advanced training adds Stun and minor area-of-effect benefits
  • Useful for scouting, quickly traversing terrain, and for closing to short range for certain attacks
  • Costs adrenaline over time to maintain
Motor Assist Body Armor
  • Improves movement speed while wearing this armor type
  • Advanced training increases movement speed per piece of armor worn



  • LOGOS Ability
  • Moderate damage area-ofeffect attack
  • Requires power and scraps to use


  • LOGOS Ability
  • Increases damage of all group members by as much as 100%
  • Costs power and adrenaline to use, has a moderate duration

Reflective Body Armour

  • Reflects a percentage of Physical and Sonic damage per piece of Reflective armour worn

Machine Guns

  • Increases machine gun damage
  • With additional training, this skill also improves heat dissipation
  • Machine guns are expensive to use, deliver high damage to single targets, and fire efficiently at short range



  • Delivers minor damage over time
  • Modest power requirements


  • Allows the use of healing discs, field repair tools, armour augmentation tools, and cipher tools
  • Improves the amount of health, armour, and repair specialists can restore using various tools
  • With additional training, allows specialists to resuscitate fallen allies

Healing Disc: Repairs damage to the health of living targets

Armor Augmentation Tool: Recharges shield capacity of any armoured target

Field Repair Tool: Repairs damage to mechanical targets

Cipher Tool: Unlocks field containers, doors, and other locks

Hazmat Body Armour

  • Improves resistance to Energy, Virulent, Incendiary, and Cryogenic damage sources per piece of Hazmat armour worn

Leech Gun

  • Improves the damage inflicted by leech guns
  • Inceases the amount of health leeched from targets


  • Allows sappers to open electronically locked chests and doors
  • Additional training is required for highly complex locks



  • Improves the damage bonus of both grenade and rocket launchers
  • With additional training, this reduces the reload time of rocket launchers and the chance for grenades to stun their victims
  • Rocket launchers deliver massive damage but take more time to use; grenade launchers are good for engaging smaller groups

Force Blast

  • LOGOS Ability
  • The commando uses Logos to call upon individual damage types to directly harm single targets
  • Requires Adrenaline and Power Instant effect, with a chance for a secondary effect

Graviton Body Armour

  • Increases the chance for a commando to resist knockback and stun effects per piece of Graviton armour worn

Rushing Blow

  • LOGOS Ability
  • Charges an enemy, inflicting significant damage and closing the distance into melee combat
  • Higher ranks greatly increase the range at which this can be initiated


  • LOGOS Ability
  • Similar to Shrapnel in terms of damage and area-of-effect
  • Does not require scraps to use, though power costs are higher for this ability



  • Uses the Waypoint Network to call in AFS support troops
  • Different types of training allow various allies to be called, including Medics, Grenadiers, and Chaingunners

Polarity Field

  • With a large power investment, rangers can nullify a target's resistance against a given damage type, turning it into a weakness
  • Advanced training allows rangers to use this ability for various damage types (i.e. Sonic, Laser, Cryogenic, Energy, and Physical)

Carpet Bombing

  • Delivers a massive rain of explosives on the target area, inflicting high damage from multiple explosions
  • Deploying these munitions costs a great deal of power and requires Weapons Grade Micromech

Stealth Body Armour

  • Reduces the distance at which enemies detect rangers; each piece of Stealth armour worn improves this effect, as does additional training

Net Gun

  • Net guns root single targets in place and inflict both impact damage and damage over time
  • Improves the damage that net guns deliver



  • Disrupts enemy mechanical units, causing them to attack their allies for a given period
  • Training increases the duration of this effect as well as the attack's range

Crab Mines

  • Deploy several independent mines that seek out targets and detonate
  • Though this ability's power cost is low, Weapons Grade Micromech is a prerequisite for using these mines
  • Specialised training allows the mines to deliver specific damage types (i.e. Physical, Incendiary, Energy, Sonic, and Laser)

Shield Extender

  • Shield Extenders take the base amount of target's armour and extend the shielding to all the squad mates
  • Uses Power and Consumer Grade Micromech
  • Advanced training increases the total amount of damage mitigated by the shield

Mech Body Armour

  • Features a greatly enhanced rate of Power regeneration
  • Further training improves this (per piece of Mech body armour worn)

Polarity Gun

  • Polarity guns deliver significant damage to single targets, overheat quickly, and require considerable skill to use at peak efficiency
  • Augments the damage that polarity guns inflict



  • Causes ten seconds of chaos and fear within nearby enemy troops
  • Advanced training enlarges the radius of effect

Lifeforce Funnel

  • After a short prep time, heals the biotechnician and any nearby group members
  • Though somewhat costly, this restores a very high amount of lost health, and its efficiency further improves in larger squads

Bio Augmentation

  • Increase Body, Mind, Spirit, Health, and Power depending on the pump level
  • Requires Power and Pharmeceutical Grade Micromech

Bio Body Armour

  • Training in this armour improves the health regeneration rate of the wearer and of all nearby squad members

Injection Gun

  • Improves damage inflicted with injection guns
  • Advanced training adds the ability to bypass enemy armour with this weapon type
  • Injection guns deliver specific damage types, Virulent being the most common, but EM and Incendiary variants are far more effective


Concussive Wave

  • LOGOS Ability
  • Knocks all enemies in a wide radius to the ground, delivering moderate damage
  • Requires a full investment of adrenaline to perform


  • LOGOS Ability
  • Greatly increases the damage a grenadier inflicts in exchange for a toll on health
  • This ability persists until it is stopped by the user or the user is slain. While active, Sacrifice prevents the user from gaining health by any means


  • Produces a number of bombs that are flung across the battlefield
  • Advanced training yields more bombs per attack
  • This ability's power cost is high, and grenadiers must also carry Consumer Grade Micromech

Tectonic Strike

  • Creates a short-range shockwave in front of the grenadier
  • Damage increases with higher training ranks
  • Carries a high power cost and requires Weapons Grade Micromech

Propellant Guns

  • Increases damage inflicted by all propellant guns
  • Higher training also improves these weapons' heat dissipation
  • Propellant guns are costly to use, deliver catastrophic damage at short range, and can hit many enemies simultaneously


Shield Wave

  • Shields the guardian and all group members for one minute, or until each shield reaches a given damage threshold
  • Requires a full level of adrenaline to activate


  • LOGOS Ability
  • Consumes very little power and raises a reflective damage shield around the target (can be the guardian or any group member)
  • These shields can be damagetype specific, depending on the guardian's training (i.e. Laser, Sonic, Physical, Energy, and Incendiary)


  • LOGOS Ability
  • Draws nearby enemies toward the guardian's location
  • This effect focuses the enemies' aggression on the guardian, away from other group members
  • Higher levels of training increase Vortex's area of effect


  • LOGOS Ability
  • This complex ability allows guardians to heal group members at the expense of their own health. Each attack that hits the guardian inflicts increased damage, but all nearby allies are healed with each strike
  • Additional training increases the healing effect as well as the ability's radius of effect


  • Increases the damage inflicted by staffs
  • Staffs are slow melee weapons that deliver moderate to high single-target damage at close range
  • Staffs can also be used to make ranged attacks


Cloak Wave

  • LOGOS Ability
  • Provides stealth to the spy and any nearby allies for a full minute
  • Costs a full adrenaline level to initiate

Magnesium Flash

  • Blinds enemies within a specified radius
  • Radius of effect and duration increase with additional training


  • Makes the target appear to be a traitor in the eyes of its allies; may cause the target to suffer friendly fire
  • Some enemies may be immune to this effect


  • LOGOS Ability
  • The spy assumes various forms depending on the level of training
  • Allows the Polymorphed spy to scout enemy locations without being attacked for a limited duration


  • Increases damage inflicted by all melee blade attacks
  • Advanced training adds a damage multiplier to attacks made against a target's back (up to a x3 multiplier)
  • Blades deliver immense damage to single targets


Crit Wave

  • LOGOS Ability
  • Adds a 200% bonus toward the chance of making critical hits against targets for the sniper and all group members; this effect lasts for two minutes
  • Requires a full level of adrenaline to activate

Target Painting

  • Used against very powerful enemies to undermine their defensive and survival techniques; target painting is doubly effective in a group environment
  • Limits enemy ground cover, improves beading times, and can even interfere with the enemy's armour regeneration and movement
  • Power cost is moderate, and the effect lasts for 15 seconds

Shredder Ammo

  • Increases the damage inflicted by torqueshell weapons
  • Advanced training also improves these weapons' armour penetration
  • Torqueshell weapons boast high range, and their general properties are similar to pistols and rifles

Called Shot

  • Snipers use this to make called shots on their enemies; the attack must be made within 20 seconds of preparing the called shot
  • Possible effects include a lowered attack rate for enemies, damage over time, or double damage applied to the fired shot
  • The cost is very low, making the ability ideal for frequent use

Torqueshell Guns

  • Increases the damage inflicted by torqueshell weapons
  • Advanced training also improves these weapons' armour penetration
  • Torqueshell weapons boast high range, and their general properties are similar to pistols and rifles


Explosive Wave

  • LOGOS Ability
  • Delivers extreme Energy damage over a wide area, knocking foes away
  • Consumes a full level of adrenaline

Explosive Nanites

  • Covers a single target with nanites; these inflict additional damage each time the target is attacked (by anyone)
  • Requires significant power and Spore Micromechs

Reality Ripper

  • Deploys a bomb that draws enemies into a tight area if it detonates before it is destroyed
  • Weapons Grade Micromechs are required to use Reality Ripper

Self Destruct

  • Initiated in advance, the demolitionist is intended to run into the midst of a target group, explode (suffering damage in the process), and teleport back to his or her starting position
  • This blast covers a larger area than almost any AFS squad-level attack
  • Consumes significant power and requires Weapons Grade Micromech

Controlled Fission

  • After a ten-second delay, causes an explosion that inflicts enormous damage to everything over a wide area (extremely deadly)
  • Requires only a modest power investment and Spore Micromechs


Base Wave

  • LOGOS Ability
  • Supports nearby allies by improving their armour regeneration and damage resistance for one minute
  • Consumes a full level of adrenaline


  • Deploys a turret that fires at any nearby targets; targets can, in turn, attack and destroy the turret
  • Advanced training allows multiple turrets, each delivering a different form of attack (i.e. Physical, Sonic, EM, Laser, Virulent)

Bot Construction

  • Assembles robots that have varying functionality on the battlefield
  • These robots are held together for a short time
  • Advanced training yields different types of bots
  • Requires Power and Weapons Grade Micromech

Temporary Wormhole

  • Creates a temporary waypoint on the battlefield
  • Requires Consumer Grade Micromech to initiate


  • Mimics the deployment of a turret, but these devices are rigged to explode with destructive force when they are attacked
  • The damage types that traps inflict mirror the deployable turret types


Regeneration Wave

  • LOGOS Ability
  • Massively raises the health and power regeneration rates of all squad members for a full minute
  • Consumes a full level of adrenaline


  • Restores life to a fallen ally; target returns with a high health level
  • Requires a great deal of power as well as Pharmaceuticals


  • Attempts to disorient a target, encouraging it to attack its allies


  • Grants the medic or a single target immunity to a given damage type for 30 seconds (i.e. Virulent, Sonic, Cryogenic, Energy, Physical)


  • Damages a target while simultaneously increasing the power and health of the medic's allies


Reanimation Wave

  • LOGOS Ability
  • Reanimates all enemy corpses within the area of effect for a full minute
  • Consumes a full level of adrenaline

Create Clone

  • Creates a battle-capable, temporary clone of the exobiologist

Cadaver Immolation

  • Detonates a fallen enemy, inflicting very high damage to nearby foes
  • Requires a substantial investment of power and Pharmaceuticals


  • Creates a stationary healing plant that also grants a bonus resistance to varying damage types
  • A bio corpse must be targeted, and the resulting Hortimonculus' health is a percentage of the corpse's max health
  • Consumes Pharmaceuticals
  • Damage type resistance is determined by host corpse's greatest resistance


  • Turns a corpse into a temporary ally
  • Requires heavy power use and Pharmaceutical Grade Micromech

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