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The newest expansion from Blizzard, Wrath of the Lich King, is not only going to improve many existing features, it is also planning on introducing plenty of new ones, such as Achievements, to help keep the game interesting. The achievements, such as those listed below, will offer many new challenges for goal-oriented players and allow everyone to view your ('and other player's) accomplishments in game.

This new achievement system has well over 900 individual items covering most areas of gameplay, such as exploration, PvP, professions and various aspects of character development. There are even some that will generate in-game rewards for the dedicated player such as tabards, vanity pets, and all new titles. Granted, these rewards are just purely cosmetic and designed to be fun more than character altering, but they can certainly help the player to stand out when displayed.

This list is designed to be easily expandable, so there will be more achievements added with each new content update.

For an excellent website dedicated to tracking users points in a leader board style site, check out

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