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Game Update #55
February 16,2010

With Sentinel's Fate Transmuting ceases being a secondary Tradeskill and becomes an "everyone" skill (see The Transmuting FAQ). Instead we have a new secondary tradeskill, Adorning.

Adorning is the skill of making Adornments. Characters with a pre-existing skill in Transmuting will discover they have the equivalent skill in both Transmuting and Adorning when Sentinel's Fate launches.

With GU55 only Adorners will be able to make Adornments.

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Becoming an Adorner

Train in Adorning by talking to an Adorning Trainer:

  • Butcherblock: Sala Maki at 761, 26, 598 on the dock.
  • Kelethin: Noora Maki at 416,89,235 one platform west of the bank.
  • Freeport: Kell Glavitus at -60, -37, 32 in The Emporium.
  • Qeynos: Maege Blackwing at 659, -18, 236 in The Herb Jar.

Your skill is raised by creating adornments. Your maximum skill is capped by the higher of your two levels, Adventure or Tradeskill.


Standard Transmuting books can be bought from Adorning Merchants near the Adorning Trainers.

It should be noted that any current transmuter who has scribed transmuting recipes will convert over to having the corresponding adornment book scribed. (So if you have scribed the tier 1 through tier 8 common and rare enigma of transmuting books, you should have the tier 1 through tier 8 common and rare adornment recipes in your book.)[1]

Tears of Veeshan Recipes

ToV Recipes are available from Sllithzes at Falinpol in Vesspyr Isles. They're sold for coin plus Draconic Etyma, which is the crafting quest reward currency. These require a special fuel, Draconic Incense, sold by the fuel merchant at Falinpol for 1 Draconic Etyma.

Changing Components

Adorners can change transmuted components into other components from the same Tier. Be careful: The Distillation recipes (changing components into a better component) and the Dilution recipes (changing a component into lesser components) have exactly the same names in your recipe book.


Adorners are able to combine excess transmuted components into better ones. These recipes are sold by the Adorning Merchants and are all called Transmuting Distillations, Volume X. It takes nine of one component to make one of the next higher component. For example, it takes nine Sacred Powder and some fuel to make one Infusion of Reality.


With GU58 Adorners are able to reduce transmuted components into lesser ones. These recipes are sold by the Adorning Merchants and are all called Transmuting Dilutions, Volume X. It takes one component to make seven of the lesser component. For example, it takes one Infusion of Earth and one Aerated Mineral Water plus some fuel to make seven Ulteran Powder.


Adornment components are made by Transmuters breaking down loot and other stuff by transmution. IF you haven't worked on your transmuting, check the Broker.

Adornment Components By Tier
Tier Fragment Powder Infusion Mana
Tier 1 Lapiz Lazuli Fragment Ulteran Powder Infusion of Earth Refined Mana
Tier 2 Coral Fragment Aether Powder Infusion of Air Processed Mana
Tier 3 Jasper Fragment Phantom Powder Infusion of Fire Clarified Mana
Tier 4 Opal Fragment Ethereal Powder Infusion of Water Purified Mana
Tier 5 Ruby Fragment Spectral Powder Infusion of Nightmares Natural Mana
Tier 6 Pearl Fragment Vision Powder Infusion of Daydreams Coalesced Mana
Tier 7 Lunar Fragment Illusionary Powder Infusion of Illusion Hardened Mana
Tier 8 Emerald Fragment Sacred Powder Infusion of Reality Crystallized Mana
Tier 9 Underfoot Fragment Void Powder Infusion of the Void Distilled Mana
Tears of Veeshan adornments use regular harvestables, but special Draconic Incense fuel.

Raising your Skill

You raise your skill by making adornments!

Adorning Reaction Arts

Your reaction arts must be purchased. The vendors are quite near the trainers.

  • Corporeal Binding - Decreases progress by 8.0; Increases the amount of durability gained by 30.
  • Infusive Weave - Decreases success chance by 7.0%; Increases the amount of durability gained by 30.
  • Subastral Weave - Increases the amount of durability gained by 20.
  • Corporeal Weave - Reduces the amount of durability gained by 8.0; Increases progress by 20.
  • Infusive Binding - Decreases success change by 7.0%; Increases progress by 30.
  • Subastral Binding - Increases progress by 30.

Daily Tasks

Game Update #56
Halas Reborn
May 25, 2010
With GU56 Adorners have access to daily tasks to help them skill up. See: Adorner Daily Tasks

Adornment Dislodgers

Alas, Tinkerers make Adornment dislodgers, not Adorners.

I hate Adorning, am I stuck with it?

Yes, but no one said you have to use it! With Sentinel's Fate you can be a Tinkerer, Adorner, and Transmuter at the same time.

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ZAM credits this article at EQ2 Traders Corner for some of the info in this article.

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