Alliance Champions (WoW)  

The Alliance champions are the first encounter that any Horde players will face in the Trial of the Champion.

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The Champions

They will face 3 out of 5 of the Alliance Champions, randomly selected from the list below:

You can click on the specific champion to know more about his abilities during phase 3.

The Breakdown

There are 3 phases to this encounter.

Phase 1

In this phase, you will fight the henchman of the champions. This is done on horse back in a very similar way to the many argent tournament jousting daily quests.

Each champion has 3 henchman, and you will fight them in 3 group. They only have 1 shield up and can be destroyed quite easily if the group focus fire.

If your mount is getting low on health, you can always grab another one.

Phase 2

Once all the henchman are defeated, than the the champions will ride forth. They all have 3 shield and much more health than their henchmen. However, the same strategy still applies - just focus fire them down one after another and they will go down easily.

Once a champion has been dismounted, his body will lie on the floor. Periodically, the Champion will get up and start walking toward one of the mount at the outskirt of the stadium. If he makes it, he will mount it and re-enter the fray. You must stop this from happening at any cost. The Champions can be trampled simply by running over them, which will put them prone again for a bit, until they get up and try again. You have to finish the remaining champion before the fallen champion(s) get back to a mount.

Phase 3

Once all the champion have been dismounted, the encounter move on to a more traditional fight. You will need to re-equip your weapons manually and you will now face the 3 champion as a standard encounter.

The tank has to tank all 3 and you have to be mindful of the special abilities of each. As general rule, if Colosos is present, you want to kill him first, since he is a healer. Kill order for the other will depend on your group.

All of the champions have area effect attacks or attacks that can hit several players. Good group healing is required.

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