Anashti Sul  

Anashti Sul
The Undying
BestiaryNPC (not attackable)
EverQuest II
ProphetPlumetor Dul'Sadma in The Sinking Sands at -1580.23, -230.89, -415.03
PetUndying Servant
CloakCloak of the Forgotten
AvatarAnashti Sul
(removed with GU55)
Legends of Norrath
Except for The Tribunal, the Gods play no direct, active role within this game.

For information regarding this goddess when encountered as a mob, see Anashti Sul.

Exclusive lore! Cronyn (the dev behind the Anashti Sul deity quests) tells us the following about our new goddess:

Anashti Sul has no allies. She has expressed animosity toward Bertoxxulous as the god of Disease, and seems to have thrust herself into a rivalry with the current god of Life and Health, Rodcet Nife.

During the Creation Age, the deities of Norrath banished Anashti Sul to non-existence for crimes against god and mortal alike, including introducing Undeath to the world. However, she was not destroyed, and spent ages floating on the edge of the Void, seeking some way to return to Norrath and avoid tumbling into oblivion forever. Whispers of her existence spread among the mortals of Norrath, and she came to be known as the "Forgotten Goddess". The followers of Anashti Sul regard undeath as a "gift" from her, giving them an everlasting existence. Anashti Sul still considers herself the deity of Life and Health, and unquestioningly believes that her actions have always been to the benefit of mortals on Norrath.

Anashti Sul, the original Prime Healer, was sentenced to non-existence by the other gods when she unwittingly released Undeath upon the inhabitants of early Norrath. Rodcet Nife would be later appointed to take her place. [1]

The Peacock is sacred to Her, which finally explains the name of the Peacock Club.

She returned to Norrath with The Shadow Odyssey.

Note - Anashti Sul is only available to those of evil alignment.

Contents [hide]

EverQuest II

Profession of Faith series

  1. Gathering Feathers (25) - Humble Altar
  2. The Unwelcome Regents (35)
  3. Sounding the Clarion (50) - Pet
  4. What is Rightfully Hers (65) - Altar
  5. Return of the Forgotten Goddess (70) - Cloak


Blessing Name Favor Description
Power From Beyond 750 Improves spell and combat art damage by 10%
Stench of Decay875Reduces all incoming noxious damage by 10%
Undying Hatred1000Transfers 15% of group's hatred to caster (10 mins)
Hand of Death1125On any successful attack, inflict 454 disease damage
Crippling Blow1250On any successful attack where the target is under 20% health, inflicts 817 disease damage

Anashti Sul in TSO Beta. Pic from EQ2Flames.


Miracle Name Favor Description
Six Feet Under1125Debuff that procs damage on a target mob when it takes damage (amount depends on creature strength and health)
Spirit Siphon131230s duration, single target debuff that returns a portion of your damage as health and power
Deadly Rampage150015s duration, 20 trigger, 800ish damage reactive shield
Angel of Death1687Summons a Limited Pet to aid the caster (30s duration)
Undying Fury187525s buff, increases spell/melee crit by 25, 20% primary weapon flurry, spell double attack by 33

Avatar Buff: Blessing of Anashti Sul. +100 Max Health, +100 Max Power, +3% Crushing Mitigation.

EverQuest II

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