Antonica (EQ2 Quest Series)  

Quest Series
Starting ZoneAntonica
Rec. Levels10 to 20
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EverQuest II
Quest Series

Although the NPCs are all of good alignment, the quests can be done by anyone of either alignment (but watch out for guards!). The only possible exception to this is Tyllia Navar for the "Gnoll Invesigations" quest series.

  • The Bear Necessities series gives access to the solo instance Shattered Vale, which is highly recommended for levels 18-19.

If you came from the Qeynos Villages Quest Series, the final quest from Consul Bree, A Note from the Qeynos Quartermaster, directs you to Matsy Rollingpin and the Cook's Assistant series.

Solo Quests

Qeynos Hill

Meet the Green Hoods

Dancer at Qeynos Hill

  1. A Frontierslady's Task (15)
  2. Battle with the Timberclaws (15)
  3. Dancer now tells you to go talk to Sighard Sayer at Sayer's Outfitters

Sayer's Outfitters

The following quests are all started at Sayer's Outfitters.

These quest lines can be done in parallel. It's most efficient to work on them all at the same time. At various steps you will travel to Windstalker Village, so take those opportunities to pick up the Windstalker Village quest lines (see below) as well.

Sighard Sayer at Sayer's Outfitters - This has been broken for a LONG time and SOE does not seem inclined to fix it. Sighard used to give you a new quest at this point, but now he just tells you to talk to his merchants.

Cook's Assistant series

Matsy Rollingpin - Halfling standing beside the counter upstairs.

  1. Achoo! Antonican Pepper (11)
  2. Blub, Blub - Something Smells Fishy (13)
  3. Killing With Kindness (10)
  4. Care Package for Blarton (10)
  5. Spicy Meat Pie (13)
  6. Mail Delivery for Matsy (18) - leads to Thundering Steppes Quest Series

Drunken Fools series

Haddek Vimki - Dwarf standing on the bar downstairs.

  1. Running Out Of Beer (10)
  2. Ouch! My Head (12)
  3. Rise and Shine Wine (15)
  4. Practical Joke on Blarton (15)

Fool For Love series

Landwyn Velamir - Wood Elf standing to the right of the front door

  1. Under a Shady Tree (10)
  2. A Bow For A Beauty (13)
  3. She Will Be A Shining Petal (15)
  4. Peppermints and Potions (16)
  5. Song to Prexus (15)

Heritage of Halas

Merchant Tanen Danos - Barbarian Bowyer, at the top of the stairs

NOTE: The final conversation with Tanen looks like it is leading to another quest, and at the end there are 2 responses to choose from. As of 16 March 2007 neither response takes you anywhere. No matter what you say, the dialog dead-ends without giving a new quest.

Keep of the Ardent Needle

Merchant Cooper at Keep of the Ardent Needle

  1. Letter to Riason (14) - takes you to Riason Hanagom in Windstalker Village
  2. Wanted by Order of the City of Qeynos (18) examine a wanted poster
  3. A Rediscovered Shrine (28) - from Riason Hanagom in Windstalker Village, takes you to Thundering Steppes

Windstalker Village

The following quests are all started at Windstalker Village

Bear Necessities series

Hartok Woolyman

  1. Patchwork Rugs (16)
  2. Door to Door Delivery (16)
  3. Attack of the Killer Bear (20) - gives access to Shattered Vale solo instance

Another Drunken Fool series

Blarton Blumble

  1. Lucky Lure (15)
  2. Fishing Hole Hunt (18)
  3. The One That Got Away (15)
  4. Fishing For Bait (18)

Dancing Queen series


  1. Sparkly or Nothing (20)
  2. A New Dress, NOW! (17)
  3. Licha, Dancing Queen (17)
  4. She Has Ribbons In Her Hair (17)


Daryann Stormrider

Continue solo questing with the Thundering Steppes Quest Series.

More Solo Quests

Gnoll Investigations series

Tyllia Navar - near the Peeking Tree

  1. Suspicious Activity (13)
  2. Qeynos Castaway's Isle (14)
  3. Gnoll Shipping Lanes (14)
  4. The Gnoll Cave (15)
  5. Report to Magnon (16)

Magnon Baelvurn - Northeast of Keep of the Ardent Needle

  1. The Magic of the Cavemaw Grubs (16)
  2. Lord Kylar's Problem (16)
  3. Rescue Revyl Kylar (16)
  4. Return to Magnon (16)
  5. Into the Cave (17)
  6. Report to Bulvar (18)

Bulvar Rakgam - On an upper walkway of Keep of the Gnollslayers

  1. Gnoll Leaders, Part I: Animator Z'Apha (17)
  2. Gnoll Leaders, Part II: Bra'ak the Reptile (18)
  3. Gnoll Leaders, Part III: Tactician Mengs (18)
  4. Gnoll Leaders, Part IV: Graalwen and Jayl'Krik (18)

Coldwind Coastline series

at the Darkclaw Crab beach (-2393,-342) near the Coastal Grove Sparrow Cogcarrier in Antonica or Heron Cogcarrier in The Commonlands

  1. The 999 Year Old Port (20) in Antonica or the The Commonlands
  2. Getting the Smarmy Sprocket Underway (25) takes you to the The Smarmy Sprocket
  3. Save the Pirates! (34) takes you to the The Prison of Admiral Grimgadget

Quallium's Quests

  1. Once Upon an Isle Dreary (12)
  2. Visions of Coldwind Point (12)

Evernight Cemetary


  1. Scrawlings in the Dark (18) takes you to Blackburrow
  2. The Trials of Sir Morgan (27) takes you to the The Thundering Steppes
  3. The Hidden Riddle (32) takes you to the The Ruins of Varsoon in the The Thundering Steppes
  4. Whispers of Fortune (32) takes you to Nektulos Forest

The Bloodsaber Series

  1. Journal of Elkare (17) starts with Wesaelan Brookshadow in The Elddar Grove
  2. Recovery of the Bloodsaber Plans (15) continue with Captain Eitoa in Antonica
  3. Unraveling the Bloodsaber Plots (20)
  4. Into the Crypt of Betrayal (20)

Bootstrutter's Guide

Scholar Demini's Series

  1. The Age of Rediscovery (15)
  2. The Scholar's Search (17)
  3. Never Judge A Book By It's Cover (19)
  4. Flight of the Sage (20)

Far Seas Requisitions

Access Quests

Raid x2 Quests

Heritage Quests

Item Triggered Quests

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