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By the very nature of the Warhammer crafting system, the word "Recipes" may seem inappropriate, but there are always some combinations of ingredients that will almost-always yield the same product. We choose, therefore, to call these "recipes".

Excerpts from MedicineNet.com

    • A prescription, as is well known, is a physician's order for the preparation and administration of a drug or device for a patient. What may be less well known is that a prescription has several parts:

    • The superscription (or heading) with the symbol R or Rx which stands for the word Recipe, meaning (in Latin) to take...

    • The word "prescription" also comes from the Latin "praescriptus" and is made up of "prae," before + "scribere," to write, so that prescription meant "to write before." This reflected the historic fact that a prescription had traditionally to be written before a drug could be prepared and then administered to a patient.

However interchangeable recipe and prescription may be, recipe seems to be more a food-realm term while prescription seems to be a more medical term associated with medicine and pharmacology. An alternate naming convention for crafting potion "recipes" may be prescription, in following with the medical term Apothecary historically being a druggist or pharmacist. Another reason is we are not creating food but potions for alteration of abilities. Drugs can fit either category but usually are not considered for normal daily intake and food is.

  • Minimum Skill: 1
  • Trivial at: ?

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CategoryMain IngredientIngredientsStandard Product (Min. Rank*)EffectsSale Price
Minimum Skill to Brew: 1
IntelligenceMotley Smedleycap Fleeting Potion of Insight (5)Int+10 for 5 min30
Motley Smedleycap Brief Potion of Insight (5)Int+10 for 10 min30
EnergySwaying Dandedragon Warming Draught (5)Restores 25 Action Points30
ArmoringWispy Morrweed Brief Steadying Unguent (5)Armor+82 for 10 min30
Corporeal ResistancePebbled Gravelnuts Brief Liquid Tenacity (5)
Brief Liquid Determination (10)
Toughness+10 for 10 min
Toughness+20 for 10 min
WillpowerPetulant Grumpleaf Brief Potion of Ambition (5)Will+10 for 10 min30
RestorationMusty Elvish Parsley Brief Elixir of Balming (10)Health+600/9 secs35
AccuracyWoolly Thief's Nettle Fleeting Potion of Ken (3)Ballistic+10/5 min30
Woolly Thief's Nettle Brief Potion of Ken (5)Ballistic+10/10 min30
Woolly Thief's Nettle Brief Potion of Ken (5)Ballistic+10/10 min30
Tattered Feather Brief Potion of Ken (5)Ballistic+10/10 min30
StrengthShattered Bear Tooth Brief Potion of CloutStr+10 for 10 min30
Wispy Beardweed Brief Potion of CloutStr+10 for 10 min30
Crimson Beardweed Brief Potion of PithStr+10 for 15 min35
ToughnessSwaying Dandedragon Brief Liquid Tenacity (5)Toughness+10 for 10 minutes40
FierySmoking Pyre Ivy Brief Blistering Potion (5)
Potent Brief Smoldering Potion (5)
99 damage/9 seconds
150 damage/9 seconds
Flaming BreathSallow Ashberry Emberbreath Potion (10)20 ft cone of Fire, 172 damage/12 seconds to all in AoE35
Smoking Ashberry Brief Charbreath Potion (5)20 ft cone of Fire, 87 damage/9 seconds to all in AoE30
Gold EssencePrickly Goldweed Gold Essenceunknownunknown
Minimum Skill to Brew: 25
IntelligenceBlotchy Smedleycap Potion of Guile (10)Int+20 for 15 min35
EnergyCapering Dandedragon Vitalizing Draught (10)Restores 37 Action Points35
WillpowerFrowning Grumpleaf Potion of Purpose (10)Willpower+20/15 min35
AccuracyWiry Thief's Nettle Potion of Perception (10)Ballistic+20/15 min35
StrengthRosy Beardweed Enduring Potion of Pith (10)Strength+20/30 min35
StrengthJagged Gravelnuts Liquid Determination (10)Toughness+20/15 min35
Gold EssenceGlinting Goldweed Gold Essenceunknownunknown
* If no Min. Rank is noted, minimum rank to use is 1.

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