Argent Crusade  

The Argent Crusade is a splinter faction created from the joining of the Argent Dawn and Order of the Silver Hand to fight the Scourge on their own ground. Tirion Fordring, the leader of the newly reformed Silver Hand, reclaimed and purified the Ashbringer during his battle with the Lich King. Once the battle completed, he then assumed the leadership over the Argent Dawn and entered into an alliance in order to take the fight directly to Northrend.

The members of the newly formed Argent Crusade have even been handpicked by Tirion in an effort to prevent infiltration from the Cult of the Damned, as previous attempts were quite successful by that group.

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Outposts and Bases

The Argent Crusade has managed to make a toehold in Northrend with their primary outpost of the Argent Vanguard, on the border of Storm Peaks and Icecrown. In addition, they have established four other camps at this time:

Reputation Quests

In order to reward those adventurers who choose to aid them in their fight against the Scourge, the Argent Crusdae has made a series of quests available to increase your reputation with them.

To complete Pa'Troll, complete one quest from each of the four quest givers:

And, if you manage to get the above quests done within 20 minutes, you get the following additional quest:

Additional Rep Gains

Players can also purchase a Tabard of the Argent Crusade for 1 from Veteran Crusader Aliocha Segard in the Argent Vanguard. Wearing this tabard in level 80 dungeons will award 15 reputation per "trash" mob and 30 reputation per boss to your standing.


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