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The Argent Tournament is an event added in Patch 3.1 with the promise of mounted combat.

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The Argent Tournament is located in the far Northeast of Icecrown (directly North of Sindragosa's Fall). As the name suggests, there is a strong Argent Crusade presence at the tournament site. The Dalaran factions of The Sunreavers and The Silver Covenant also make a new appearance here along with The Ebon Blade.

From a gameplay point of view, the Argent Tournament is a hub for daily quests where a lot of max level players will spend their time trying to earn more gold and reputation. It is Wrath of the Lich King's version of the Isle of Quel'Danas.

This area is flagged as a Sanctuary

Getting Started

Enrolling in the Tournament is done by initially talking with Justicar Mariel Trueheart inside the Argent Crusade tent. She will give you the The Argent Tournament quest. Head to your faction tent and talk to the person in there to register (rewards: 1g 32s at 80. +10 Reputation for The Sunreavers/Silver Covenant).

Once you are enrolled, you will need to go through a handful of easy quests which are designed to teach you how to use the Argent Tournament Mounts:

Once you are done with those, you will be considered an Aspirant.

Rank: Aspirant

If you are Horde, Magister Edien Sunhollow will give you the quest Up to the Challenge. If you are Alliance than it will be Arcanist Taelis who gives you Up to the Challenge. The quests are obviously the same and require you to earn 15 Aspirant's Seals. You can earn those seals by doing daily quests that are now available. You can get up to 5 per day, so the fastest you can complete this quest is in 3 days.

The daily quests are given by Edien/Taelis themselves and the two npcs standing beside them, they are the same for both faction.

Edian/Taelis will give you one of those 3 quests (randomly) every day:

The two other quests from the two other npcs are the following:

  • Learning the Reins - Defeat 2 Tournament Block Targets, 2 Tournament Attack Targets, and 5 Tournament Charge Targets(these are similar to Training Dummies found in major cities). Rewards: 13g 23s, Aspirant's Seal x2, +250 reputation with The Sunreavers.
  • Training in the Field - Defeat 10 scourge anywhere in Icecrown (other than the Bombardment). Rewards: 13g 23s, Aspirant's Seal, +250 reputation with The Sunreavers/The Silver Covenant.

Upon turning in Up to the Challenge, you will be able to complete The Aspirant's Challenge. You will then receive another quest, A Valiant of X (Where X is the name of your capital city) and need to turn this in to the representative of your home city. Upon doing so you will be considered a valiant for your home city and will no longer be able to complete quests for Edien/Taelis and will now need to move on to the next tier.

Rank: Valiant

Upon becoming a Valiant, you will receive The Valiant's Charge from the head representant of your capital city. This is a similar quest to Up to the Challenge, except you must now gather 25 Valiant's Seals. You can still only get 5 per day, so this part of the grind will take you at least 5 days.

Daily Quests previously from Magister Edien Sunhollow & Arcanist Taelis above are now given by the Grand Champion for the particular race. The rewards grant Valiant's Seals rather than the Aspirant's Seals granted previously as well as +250 reputation for the particular city on top of The Sunreaver/The Silver Covenant reputation.

The Master of Arms (name varies based on faction) will give you A Valiant's Field Training - Kill 10 scourge in Icecrown. Rewards: 13g 23s, Valiant's Seal x2, +250 The Sunreavers/The Silver Covenant reputation, +250 home city reputation.

The Mount Master (name and title vary based on race and faction) will give you The Grand Melee and At The Enemy's Gates.

Once you have all 25 seal and turn them in, you will get to complete The Valiant's Challenge, which will make you face a Champion in a jousting match. After turning this quest in, you will become a Champion, which changes quite a few things.

Rank: Champion

The first thing that happens when you become a Champion is that you earn an achievement. You'll then notice that you can no longer complete Valiant quest for your own faction but that the representant of all the other factions want to speak to you - you can now become a Valiant and champion for the other faction. This will lead to you eventually being a Champion for all 5 faction (which is another achievement).

You'll have some brand new Champion dailies available.

Those daily quests will grant you Champion's Seal which can be used to purchase rewards. You will also get to choose between a Champion's Writ which can be cashed in for reputation or a Champion's Purse which gives extra gold and a chance a more seals.

The next step from there on is all about reputation - you'll want to become Exalted with all 5 faction on top of being a champion with them. Over the course of championing all five faction's cities you can expect to gain 11,250 reputation with each capital city. If this isn't enough to get you to exalted you will need to either use Champion's Writ or grind reputation some other way in order to get there.

Rank: Crusader

Upon earning Exalted Status with all 5 faction, becoming their champion and earning Exalted status with the Argent Crusade, you will earn the achievement and title Crusader. This will also unlock some dailies for you, which also earn you Champion's Seal, allowing you to buy the Rewards faster if you so wish.

The two new npc quest givers give one quest per day, randomly.

High Crusader Adelard:

Crusader Silverdawn:

Silver Covenant or Sunreavers

On your way to earning the Crusader achievement, you will most likely earn The Sunreavers or A Silver Confident. Those open up even more dailies who also give Champion's Seals.

From Savinia Loresong or Tylos Dawnrunner:

From Narasi Snowdawn or Girana the Blooded:

The Black Knight

The quest line involving the Black Knight doesn't have to do with the tournament dailies, although they do connect at some points. The Black Knight quest line essentially advances the lore of the tournament.

  1. The Black Knight of Silverpine? / The Black Knight of Westfall?- Head to Valgan's End in Silverpine Forest and click a book. Return to the Argent Tournament. Rewards: 13g 23s, +250 Argent Crusade reputation.
  2. The Seer's Crystal - Head to Forlorn Woods in Crystalsong Forest, kill Unbound Seers until they drop the Seer's Crystal. Rewards: 13g 23s, +250 Argent Crusade reputation.[1]
  3. The Stories Dead Men Tell - Head to the North of the tournament grounds, up the hill between the faction tents to the graveyard. Click on the three available gravestones. Rewards: 13g 23s, possible +250 Argent Crusade reputation.
  4. There's Something About the Squire - Head to the Twilight Rivulet in Crystalsong Forest and acquire a Large Femur from a Skeletal Woodcutter there. Head Southwest to the ruins to find Maloric. Stand behind him and use the femur and then loot the "sapped" Maloric. Rewards: 13g 23c, possible +250 Argent Crusade reputation.
  5. The Black Knight's Orders - Head North of the Tournament Grounds toward the graveyard and use the Enchanted Bridle on the Gryphon along the path. Upon landing, clear the small camp of mobs and loot the two quest items from the tent. Rewards: 13g 23s, +250 Argent Crusade reputation.
  6. The Black Knight's Fall - Use the Crusader's horse and challenge the Black Knight to a jousting duel. This quest is only accessible when you become a Champion with at least one faction. Rewards: 16g 53s, +250 Argent Crusade reputation. Achievement: It's Just A Flesh Wound
  7. The Black Knight's Curse - Investigate the Black Knight's grave to alleviate suspicions that he faked his death. Rewards: 13g 23s
  8. The Black Knight's Fate - Discover the fate of the Black Knight. Rewards: 13g 23s


While reputation, gold and achievements are plenty of reason for people to do the daily quests of the tournament, Blizzard has also thrown in several reward that can be bought once certain pre-requisite are met.

Faction Rewards

Those rewards will become available from your faction Quatermaster once you become a champion with them. They cost Champion Seal's and sometime some gold.

All Factions have their unique items (mainly vanity items) and also all sell weapons and armors that they all share.

You may also purchase the Argent Hippogryph for 150 seals from those vendors.

Race City 50 Tabard 15 Banner 500G 5 Mount 100 Mount 40 Companion
Draenei Exodar Exodar Tabard Exodar Banner Great Red Elekk Exodar Elekk Ammen Vale Lashling
Humans Stormwind Stormwind Tabard Stormwind Banner Swift Gray Steed Stormwind Steed Elwynn Lamb
Dwarves Ironforge Ironforge Tabard Ironforge Banner Swift Violet Ram Ironforge Ram Dun Morogh Cub
Gnomes Gnomeregan Exiles Gnomeregan Tabard Gnomeregan Banner Turbostrider Gnomeregan Mechanostrider Mechanopeep
Night Elf Darnassus Darnassus Tabard Darnassus Banner Swift Moonsaber Darnassian Nightsaber Teldrassil Sproutling
Orcs Orgrimmar Orgrimmar Tabard Orgrimmar Banner Swift Burgundy Wolf Orgrimmar Wolf Durotar Scorpion
Trolls Darkspear Trolls Sen'jin Tabard Sen'jin Banner Swift Purple Raptor Darkspear Raptor Sen'jin Fetish
Taurens Thunder Bluff Thunder Bluff Tabard Thunder Bluff Banner Great Golden Kodo Thunder Bluff Kodo Mulgore Hatchling
Undeads Undercity Undercity Tabard Undercity Banner White Skeletal Warhorse Forsaken Warhorse Tirisfal Batling
Blood Elf Silvermoon City Silvermoon City Tabard Silvermoon City Banner Swift Red Hawkstrider Silvermoon Hawkstrider Enchanted Broom

The following items can be bought from any and all Quartermaster, all you need is to be a Champion with a least one faction and of course, have enough Seals. The weapons can be obtained without raiding and are better than what can be found in instances, making them a very good first goal for a newly minted level 80. Epic quality item are worth 25 seals, while their Superior counterpart are worth 10.

Horde Alliance Slot Cost
Sen'jin Beakblade Longrifle Blunderbuss of Khaz Modan Ranged (Gun) 25
Greatsword of the Sin'dorei Claymore of the Prophet Two-Handed Weapon (Sword) 25
Staff of Feral Furies Silvery Sylvan Stave Two-Handed Weapon (Staff) 25
Scalpel of the Royal Apothecary Dagger of Lunar Purity Main Handed Weapon (Dagger) 25
Spinal Destroyer Dagger of the Rising Moon One-Hand Weapon (Dagger) 25
Blade of the Keening Banshee Gnomeregan Bonechopper Main-Hand Weapon (Sword) 25
Grimhorn Crusher Ironforge Smasher One-Hand Weapon (Mace) 25
Axe of the Sen'jin Protector Teldrassil Protector One-Hand WEapon (Axe) 25
Jouster's Fury Jouster's Fury Trinket 10
Necklace of Stolen Skulls Choker of Spiral Focus Neck 10
Pendant of Emerald Crusader Necklace of Valiant Blood Neck 10
Choker of Feral Fury Susurrating Shell Necklace Neck 10
Gauntlets of Mending Touch Gauntlets of Shattered Pride Hand (Plate) 10
Clinch of Savage Fury Girdle of Valorous Defeat Waist (Plate) 10
Blood-Caked Stompers Stanchions of Unseatable Furor Feet (Plate) 10
Links of Unquenched Savagery Cinch of Bonded Servitude Waist (Chain) 10
Treads of Whispering Dreams Treads of the Glorious Spirit Feet (Chain) 10
Treads of the Earnest Squire Treads of Nimble Evasion Feet (Leather) 10
Waistguard of Equine Fury Wrap of the Everliving Tree Waist (Leather) 10
Sash of Trumpted Pride Sash of Shattering Hearts Waist (Cloth) 10

Silver Confident and Sunreavers Rewards

Once you are able to complete those daily quests, you will also be able to purchase the following items.

Horde Alliance Slot Cost
Sunreaver Tabard Silver Covenant Tabard Tabard 50
Sunreaver Hawkstrider Quel'dorei Steed Mount 100
Sunreaver Dragonhawk Silver Covenant Hippogryph Flying Mount 150
Shimmering Wyrmling Shimmering Wyrmling Companion 40

Crusader Rewards

hoese rewards also become purchasable once you earn the Crusader title.

You'll notice that this quartermaster also allows you to buy Heirloom items with your seals.

Item Type Cost
Argent Crusader's Banner Banner 15
Argent Crusader's Tabard Tabard 50
Argent Pony Bridle Companion Enhacement 150
Argent Warhorse Mount 100
Argent Charger Mount (Paladin only) 100
Polished Breastplate of Valor Plate Chest 60
Polished Spaulders of Valor Plate Shoulder 60
Champion Herod's Shoulder Mail Chest 60
Champion's Deathdealer Breastplate Mail Chest 60
Preened Ironfeather Breastplate Leather Chest 60
Preened Ironfeather Shoulders Leather Shoulder 60
Stained Shadowcraft Spaulders Leather Shoulder 60
Stained Shadowcraft Tunic Leather Chest 60
Tattered Dreadmist Mantle Cloth Shoulder 60
Tattered Dreadmist Robe Cloth Chest 60
Balanced Heartseeker One-Handed Dagger 60
Bloodied Arcanite Reaper Two-Hand Axe 95
Charmed Ancient Bone Bow Bow 95
Devout Aurastone Hammer Main Hand Mace 75
Dignified Headmaster's Charge Staff 95
Repurposed Lava Dredger Two-Handed Mace 95
Venerable Dal'Rend's Sacred Charge Main Hand Sword 60
Venerable Mass of McGowan One Handed Mace 75
Discerning Eye of the Beast Trinket 75
Swift Hand of Justice Trinket 75


  • Argent Aspiration - Train to compete in the Argent Tournament by becoming an Aspirant for your race's faction.
  • Tilted! - Defeat another player in a mounted duel at the Argent Tournament
  • It's Just a Flesh Wound - Unmask and defeat the Black Knight at the Argent Tournament
  • Champion of cityname - Earn the right to represent cityname in the Argent Tournament. One for each capital city.
  • Champion of the Horde / Champion of the Alliance - Earn the right to represent every Horde/Alliance race's faction in the Argent Tournament.


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