Artifact Weapons and Armor  

Hidden throughout Vana'diel are pieces of legendary armor that were made to enhance the strengths of each job. Adventurers refer to these prized pieces as artifact gear. There is a weapon for each job, as well as armor for the head, body, hands, legs and feet. Later on, each armor piece can be upgraded.

Some pieces of artifact gear are seldom used. Other pieces are virtually irreplaceable in value and use.

Artifact pieces by job:

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Black Mage

Name Level Quest
Casting Wand41The Three Magi - BLM AF1
Wizard's Sabots52Recollections - BLM AF2
Wizard's Gloves54Borghertz's Sorcerous Hands
Wizard's Tonban56Eldieme Coffer - BLM AF
Wizard's Coat58Davoi Coffer - BLM AF
Wizard's Petasos60The Root of the Problem - BLM AF3


Name Level Quest
Beat Cesti42Ghosts of the Past - MNK AF1
Temple Gaiters52The First Meeting - MNK AF2
Temple Gloves54Borghertz's Striking Hands
Temple Crown56Garlaige Coffer - MNK AF
Temple Cyclas58Beadeaux Coffer - MNK AF
Temple Hose60True Strength - MNK AF3

Red Mage

Name Level Quest
Fencing Degen41The Crimson Trial - RDM AF1
Warlock's Boots52Enveloped in Darkness - RDM AF2
Warlock's Gloves54Borghertz's Vermillion Hands
Warlock's Tights56Garlaige Coffer - RDM AF
Warlock's Tabard58Oztroja Coffer - RDM AF
Warlock's Chapeau60Peace for the Spirit - RDM AF3


Name Level Quest
Marauder's Knife40The Tenshodo Showdown - THF AF1
Rogue's Armlets52Borghertz's Sneaky Hands
Rogue's Bonnet54Thick as Thieves - THF AF2
Rogue's Culotte56Oztroja Coffer - THF AF
Rogue's Vest58Zvahl Coffer - THF AF
Rogue's Poulaines60Hitting the Marquisate - THF AF3


Name Level Quest
Razor Axe40The Doorman - WAR AF1
Fighter's Calligae52The Talekeeper's Truth - WAR AF2
Fighter's Mufflers54Borghertz's Warring Hands
Fighter's Mask56Nest Coffer - WAR AF
Fighter's Cuisses58Zvahl Coffer - WAR AF
Fighter's Lorica60The Talekeeper's Gift - WAR AF3

White Mage

Name Level Quest
Blessed Hammer41Messenger from Beyond - WHM AF1
Healer's Duckbills52Prelude of White & Black - WHM AF2
Healer's Cap54Garlaige Coffer - WHM AF
Healer's Pantaloons56Nest Coffer - WHM AF
Healer's Briault58Pieuje's Decision - WHM AF3
Healer's Mitts60Borghertz's Healing Hands


Name Level Quest
Paper Knife40Painful Memory - BRD AF1
Choral Slippers52The Requiem - BRD AF2
Choral Roundlet54Nest Coffer - BRD AF
Choral Cannions56Oztroja Coffer - BRD AF
Choral Justaucorps58The Circle of Time - BRD AF3
Choral Cuffs60Borghertz's Harmonious Hands


Name Level Quest
Barbaroi Axe40Wings of Gold - BST AF1
Beast Gaiters52Scattered into Shadow - BST AF2
Beast Gloves54Borghertz's Wild Hands
Beast Helm56Garlaige Coffer - BST AF
Beast Jackcoat58Beadeaux Coffer - BST AF
Beast Trousers60A New Dawn - BST AF1-5

Dark Knight

Name Level Quest
Raven Scythe43Dark Legacy - DRK AF1
Chaos Sollerets52Dark Puppet - DRK AF2
Chaos Gauntlets54Borghertz's Shadowy Hands
Chaos Flanchard56Davoi Coffer - DRK AF
Chaos Cuirass58Oztroja Coffer - DRK AF
Chaos Burgeonet60Blade of the Evil Puppet - DRK AF3


Name Level Quest
Peregrine42A Craftsman's Work - DRG AF1
Drachen Brais52Chasing Quotas
Drachen Greaves54Quicksand Coffer - DRG AF
Drachen Finger Gauntlets56Borghertz's Dragon Hands
Drachen Mail58Cauldron Coffer - DRG AF
Drachen Armet60Knight Stalker - DRG AF3


Name Level Quest
Zushio, Anju4020 in Pirate Years - NIN AF1
Ninja Hakama52I'll Take The Big Box - NIN AF2
Ninja Kyahan54Grotto Coffer - NIN AF
Ninja Hatsuburi56Boyahda Coffer - NIN AF
Ninja Chainmail58True Will - NIN AF3
Ninja Tekko60Borghertz's Lurking Hands


Name Level Quest
Honor Sword42Sharpening the Sword - PLD AF1
Gallant Leggings52A Boy's Dream - PLD AF2
Gallant Gauntlets54Borghertz's Stalwart Hands
Gallant Coronet56Garlaige Coffer - PLD AF
Gallant Breeches58Beadeaux Coffer - PLD AF
Gallant Surcoat60Under Oath - PLD AF3


Name Level Quest
Sniping Bow41Sin Hunting - RNG AF1
Hunter's Bracers52Borghertz's Chasing Hands
Hunter's Beret54Fire and Brimstone - RNG AF2
Hunter's Braccae56Nest Coffer - RNG AF
Hunter's Jerkin58Davoi Coffer - RNG AF
Ice Arrow, Hunter's Socks60Unbridled Passion - RNG AF3


Name Level Quest
Magoroku42The Sacred Katana - SAM AF1
Myochin Sune-Ate52Yomi Okuri - SAM AF2
Myochin Haidate54Quicksand Coffer - SAM AF
Myochin Kote56Borghertz's Loyal Hands
Myochin Domaru58Uggalepih Coffer - SAM AF
Myochin Kabuto60A Thief in Norg!? - SAM AF3


Name Level Quest
Kukulcan's Staff41The Puppet Master - SMN AF1
Evoker's Spats52Class Reunion - SMN AF2
Evoker's Bracers54Borghertz's Calling Hands
Evoker's Pigaches56Toraimarai Coffer - SMN AF
Evoker's Doublet58Uggalepih Coffer - SMN AF
Evoker's Horn60Carbuncle Debacle - SMN AF3

Blue Mage

Name Level Quest
Immortal's Scimitar40Beginnings - BLU AF1
Magus Charuqs52Omens - BLU AF2
Magus Shalwar54Magus Shalwar - BLU AF
Magus Bazubands56Magus Bazubands - BLU AF
Magus Jubbah58Magus Jubbah - BLU AF
Magus Keffiyeh60Transformations - BLU AF3


Name Level Quest
Turbo Animator40The Wayward Automaton - PUP AF1
Puppetry Churidars52Operation Teatime - PUP AF2
Puppetry Babouches54Puppetry Babouches - PUP AF
Puppetry Dastanas56Puppetry Dastanas - PUP AF
Puppetry Tobe58Puppetry Tobe - PUP AF
Puppetry Taj60Puppetmaster Blues - PUP AF3


Name Level Quest
Trump Gun40Equipped For All Occasions - COR AF1
Corsair's Culotte52Navigating the Unfriendly Seas - COR AF2
Corsair's Gants54Corsair's Gants - COR AF
Corsair's Bottes56Corsair's Bottes - COR AF
Corsair's Frac58Corsair's Frac - COR AF
Corsair's Tricorne60Against All Odds - COR AF3


Name Level Quest
War Hoop40The Unfinished Waltz - DNC AF1
Dancer's Bangles52Dancer's Bangles - DNC AF
Dancer's Tiara54Dancer's Tiara - DNC AF
Dancer's Toe Shoes56Dancer's Toe Shoes - DNC AF
Dancer's Tights58The Road to Divadom - DNC AF2
Dancer's Casaque60Comeback Queen - DNC AF3


Name Level Quest
Klimaform Schema46On Sabbatical - SCH AF1
Scholar's Bracers52Downward Helix - SCH AF2
Scholar's Loafers54Scholar's Loafers - SCH AF
Scholar's Pants56Scholar's Pants - SCH AF
Scholar's Gown58Scholar's Gown - SCH AF
Scholar's Mortarboard60Seeing Blood-red - SCH AF3

Upgrading Artifact Armor

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