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The Rift Ascend-a-Friend Referral Program went live May 10, 2011 and rewards were updated on November 23, 2011.

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How to Ascend a Friend

Log into your account on the official Rift site (click here), and you'll see the new Ascend-a-Friend promotion button on the right. Click it to obtain your unique recruitment link, which you can share with anyone to give them a 7-day free trial and permanently link your accounts.

Or you can recruit from in-game: click the Social icon on your start menu and select "Ascend-a-Friend" to begin.


When you Ascend a friend, you will both gain the following benefits:

  • You and your friends will be able to summon one another once every 30 minutes.
  • Your Ascended friends' characters will be automatically added to your Friends List, and your characters will be added to theirs.

Your Rewards

If your friends end up purchasing the game after playing through the trial, you'll get some in-game items depending on how many players you recruit to Rift, ranging from a pet to a mount!

  • Each Friend: Ascended Treasure – a chest of riches containing the following loot:
    • 10x Inscribed Sourcestone
    • 5x Plaque of Achievement
    • 3x Mark of Ascension
    • 2x Lucky Coin
    • 5x Mark of Retribution
  • 1st Friend: Courage, A companion pet who is loyal on many levels.
  • 2nd Friend: Trailblazer's Hat. Wear this hat with pride as you blaze new trails through Telara.
  • 3rd Friend: Swift Ember Steed. A hellish horse that matches the speed of the fastest steed in your collection.

For every loyal friend who adventures with you for more than a month as a RIFT subscriber, you will also receive 30 days of free game time. (Once you’ve purchased RIFT, subscription begins at the time your complimentary gameplay time, if any, expires and you are charged the initial recurring subscription fee.)

Ascended Friend Rewards

  • Your Ascended friends' characters will receive the Novitiate's Phylactery, a trinket that increases all experience
  • Your Ascended friends will earn the in-game title, "The Chosen."



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