Assault Armor Sets (FFXI)  

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Top-Tier Assault Sets

The following armor sets are each equipable by certain job groups, and each set provides an extra effect, such as added refresh for wearing the entire Yigit set.

Each piece of these armor sets cost 20k assault points.


Jobs that can use: WHM, SMN, BLU, RDM, SCH, BLM, BRD

Total Stat bonuses: 119 Defense, HP+25, MP+25, Evasion+15, MP recovered by healing+8, INT+8, MND+12, MAB+11, Enmity-5, Song spellcasting time -10 percent, bonus refresh.


Jobs that can use: THF, MNK, NIN, SAM, DRG, COR, PUP, DNC, RDM, RNG, BST

Total Stat bonuses: 125 Defense, HP+45, Acc+29, Ranged Acc+29, Attack+5, Ranged Attack+5, STR+3, DEX+4, HP recovered while healing+2, Increase rates of critical hits, bonus subtle blow effect.


Jobs that can use: SAM, DRG, WAR, PLD, DRK

Total Stat bonuses: 142 Defense, Attack+31, Acc+6, Parrying skill+5, HP recovered while healing+3, Enhances "Zanshin" effect, Evasion+14, Ranged Acc+4, Ranged Attack+4, bonus reduction of magic and breath damage.

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