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The Iron Council is the fifth boss encounter in Ulduar found in The Assembly of Iron. The encounter consists of Steelbreaker, Runemaster Molgeim, and Stormcaller Brundir.

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Each boss has roughly 10 million hp on Heroic and 3 million on Normal.

Supercharge - Unleashes one last burst of energy as the caster dies, increasing all allies damage by 25% and granting them an additional ability.


Fusion Punch (H) / Fusion Punch - A powerful melee strike that also applies a DoT.
High Voltage (H) / High Voltage - An aura that deals constant lightning damage to the entire raid.
Static Disruption (H) / Static Disruption - (1 Dead) This is an area effect attack that deals nature damage and increase the nature damage taken by those in the area.
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Flame Leviathan
Ignis the Furnace Master
XT-002 Deconstructor
The Antechamber of Ulduar
Assembly of Iron
The Keepers of Ulduar
The Descent into Madness
General Vezax
Celestial Planetarium
Algalon the Observer

Runemaster Molgeim

Rune of Power (H) / Rune of Power - An area effect that let's anybody standing in it do more damage.
Shield of Rune (H) / Shield of Rune - Puts up a shield on Molgeim which absorbs damage, and buff the caster's damage by 50% after it is broken. Can be dispelled.
Rune of Death (H) / Rune of Death - (1 Dead) An area effect that deals damage to any who stands in it.
Rune of Summoning (H) / Rune of Summoning - (2 Dead) Summons an add that rush to a player.
The Lightning Elemental Add uses: Lightning Blast (H) / Lightning Blast - Used once the add reach its target, blows itself up, dealing massive damage to all player within 30 yards of it.

Stormcaller Brundir

Chain Lightning - Nature damage that can jump up to five different targets. Can be slowed and interrupted.
Overload - Similar to Loken or Murmur, 25000 Nature Damage to everyone within 30 yards of him. Made obvious by an emote
Lightning Whirl (H) / Lightning Whirl - (1 Dead) Lightning bolts at random targets hitting for 6598-7402 Nature damage. Lasts 5 sec.
Lightning Tendril (H) / Lightning Tendril - (2 Dead) Proceeds to run around the room with a random target very fast and deals 8000 damage per second to anyone near him. Will periodically come back onto the floor vulnerable to damage. Can be taunted and kept in place.

The Breakdown

This strat will focus on the easiest way to deal with the council, for Hard mode, see the achievement guide.

Phase 1: All three alive

Players can choose to kill the trio in any order that they wish, though the popular and easiest route is Steelbreaker, then Molgeim, then Brundir. Killing one of them automatically heal the other to full.

Steelbreaker is the most dangerous of the three, and he hits very hard. So you will definitly need a dedicated tank for him. On normal mode, the 2 others can be tanked by 1 tank if you wish, since they simply don't deal much damage before Steelbreaker dies, on Heroic, you'll probably need 1 tank per member of the council.

Steelbreaker will use an ability called Fusion Punch, this ability deals massive nature damage, but even worse, it puts an extremely strong debuff (12,000 + damage per second) on the tank. It can and must be dispelled as quickly as possibly. Ideally, before it even ticks once. You might want to have a specific player dedicated to that and that alone. Fusion Punch does have a cast time, so you should know exactly when the debuff is coming. If your tank is a Death Knight, than Anti-Magic Shell prevents a ton of damage as well as the debuff from being applied. This help a lot, but the cooldown on AMS is way longer than the Punch's cooldown, so he'll still need dispelling help. He also has an aura that deal damage to any close to him, and since that's where your melee dps will be, you'll need constant raid healing.

Meanwhile, Molgeim and Brundir are to be off tanked. You want them to be off tanked far enough from Steelbreaker so that the OT aren't tanking damage from his aura.

Brundir only has 2 ability at this point. A chain lightning (Which the tank should be interrupting) and an ability called Overload, which cannot be interrupted and deals a lot of area damage. While a tank can survive it, it's a probably better idea to run out of it.

Molgeim himself doesn't do much either. He'll cast a Rune of Power on the floor, and anybody standing on it (Boss or Players) get a 50% increase in damage. You obviously want the tank to move the bosses out of there and have your players use it. If your raid damage is low, the increase 50% damage might be necessary to beat the enrage timer.

The Off-Tanks obviously needs to have their own dedicated healers as well.

Once Stealbreaker dies, Molgeim and Brundir will get a buff and new ability, and phase 2 begins.

Phase 2: Molgeim and Brundir

If you were only using 1 tank for Brundir and Molgeim, you know want to split them up. The tank that was holding Steelbreaker should taunt him off from the Off tank and bring him to the opposite side of the room. The dps wants to move to Molgeim now, although you'll want to have 1 Rogue (2 on Heroic) stay on Brundir with the tank.

Molgeim can now cast Rune of Death, which will be cast on a random player. It's a huge green glowing rune on the ground and deals massive damage to any standing in it. It starts dealing damage right away so you need to move out of there ASAP. The best way to handle this is to clump up (you'll most likely be doing that to get in the Rune of Powers anyway) and than spread out when the Rune of Death is cast. He'll also cast Shield of Rune, which needs to be dispelled automatically to prevent his damage from ramping up.

Brundir will gain lightning whirlwind. He spins around as if using Whirlwind, but throw lightning bolts at 5 random raid members. This ability can be stopped by a Stun, hence why you want that rogue on him. You'll need 2 rogues on Heroic, since he casts more often. It's also a good idea to use a Prot Warrior to tank him for that very reason, with rogues and the prot warrior, lightning whirlwind should be easily stopped. Keep in mind he'll still be casting chain lightning (which needs to be interrupted) and overload (which need to be avoided).

When Molgeim dies, phase 3 begins.

Phase 3: Stormcaller Brundir

During phase 3, Brundir gains the Lightning Tendril ability. He will use it periodically, in between spurt of him fighting normally (exactly as he did on phase 2).

With the entire raid on him, interrupting Chain Lightning and stunning Lightning Whirlwind should be extremely easy. You do have to be sure everybody runs out of Overload however.

When he uses the Tendril, he will start to fly around the room and zap people. He seems to 'lock' to a player and follow him for a few second, before switching to the next one. The group should spread out as much as possible, while making sure not to outrange the healers. He cannot be taunted, but since he seems to lock to player based on proximity, having a tank stay close to him and try and draw his attention is a good idea. The tendril do a lot of damage and you need to try and avoid being hit as much as possible. He can (and should) still be attacked by range dps. When he lands, he'll resume his phase 2 abilities until he take flight again.


I Choose You, Runemaster Molgeim - Defeat the Assembly of Iron with Runemaster Molgeim as the last member alive.
I Choose You, Steelbreaker - Defeat the Assembly of Iron with Steelbreaker as the last member alive.
I Choose You, Stormcaller Brundir - Defeat the Assembly of Iron with Stormcaller Brundir as the last member alive.
But I'm on Your Side - Defeat the Assembly of Iron while under the effect of an Iron Boot Flask.
Can't Do That While Stunned - Defeat the Assembly of Iron without allowing Stormcaller Brundir to damage anyone with Chain Lightning or Lightning Whirl.


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