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The asura are a race of diminutive artisans who secretly dwelt below-ground for thousands of years until the minions of the Great Destroyer forced them out of their underground homes 250 years ago. Since then, they have adapted to surface life and quickly established themselves as one of the most powerful races in Tyria.

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Current situation

Technologically adept and the best craftsmen since the dwarves, the asura have a mathematical understanding of the magic that pervades Tyria. Their on-going experiments to understand and harness magic are apparent in the architecture of their cities, their use of golems and blasting rods[1], and their valuable gate network.

The arrogant asura have found a place in the society of Tyria; on good terms with all races but with carefully maintained neutrality. Their relations are tinged by an air of superiority from the belief they are destined to rule over the other less intelligent races to which they see only as useful tools for their grand plans. The other races are aware of this about the asura, and they hold a strong distrust regarding them and their schemes.

Rather than organized government, the asura prefer to utilize krewes, small, efficient task forces led by the most experienced member, designed to allow any individual asura reach their maximum potential in any particular task. The asura also have a group known as the Arcane Council, but their purpose is still unknown.

Asura believe in the Eternal Alchemy, the idea that all beings and the magic in the world are part of a greater purpose or machine. The latter is the view taken primarily by the Inquest, who believe that it could be controlled and manipulated like any other machine. Members of the Inquest thrive on controlling power and knowledge and their experiments are even less ethical and more dangerous than those performed by other asura.


While we know of asuran culture and attitudes, little is known about the race before their appearance on the surface of Tyria. Inventors and builders, the asura care little for history, choosing to use their intellect to look forward rather than look back.

The asura were previously a subterranean race and living below Tyria they regularly interacted with other underground races, dwarves and dredge. The appearance of the destroyers, the minions of Primordus, deep underground forced the asura to the surface. The majority found a home among magical ruins found on the Tarnished Coast, where they quickly learned how to harness these magical energies to further their research.

Over the years the asura have increased their network of gates across Tyria, but they jealously guard the technology and enforce gate use for peaceful activities only.


By human standards, asura are short and slender, with large ears, eyes and mouths and pointed teeth. Asura typically have grayish skin and dark hair, they have a wide variety of eye colors. Like humans, asura give live birth. Male and female asura are very similar in appearance, the most obvious differences are voices, and, in some cases, ear structure.

The asuran lifespan is 5-10% longer than that of a human.[2]

Playing as an asura

An asura character will begin the game in Rata Sum. During character creation, players may choose an Asuran College at which they have studied from the following:

They can also choose what their first successful experiment was.[3] These choices will affect the player's personal story, but will not affect character capabilities.[4]

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