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Thousands of years ago the gods created Telara and an abundance of living creatures to fill its mountains, forests, plains and oceans. The civilized territories explored by the players of RIFT are but one sample of its vast expanse. These territories are surrounded in the north and west by colossal mountain ranges, and to the east and south by seas that have become impassable in the wake of the Shade.

Although much of Telara is currently unreachable, the continent on which players of Rift begin is the largest in the world. It hosts a diverse and colorful geography. Its reaches host deserts of shimmering sand and vibrant oases, immense mountain ranges, lush old-growth forests, colorful fairy woods, boggy swamps, sparse rocky highlands, wildly overgrown grasslands, and wind-swept savannas.

Telara's world of natural wonders is a perfect host for gripping adventures that challenge even the most dedicated explorers.


World Map of Telara's main continent (click to enlarge)
World Map of Telara's main continent (click to enlarge)



Instanced Dungeons

All dungeon instances have a normal and expert version.

Instanced Raids

Outdoor Raid Rifts

Elemental Planes


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