Burning Circle Notorious Monster battles or BCNMs, are instanced challenges that adventurers can solo or attempt with party members to obtain valuable treasures that are sometimes exclusive to these battles. There are several different levels of battles and many different situational battles of these levels.

Each battle requires a specific type of orb, which is obtained by trading beastmen seals to Shami in Port Jeuno, who finds it quite humorous that he is able to sell you something he doesn't put much value in. There are five types of orbs available for BCNM battles:

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Kindred Seal Notorious Monster battles or KSNMs, are another type of instanced challenges nearly identical to BCNMs. The differences between these battles and BCNMs are the lack of a level cap and the type of seals required by Shami. Adventurers of all levels may participate in these battles. There are four types of orbs available for KSNM battles:

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