Barber Shop (WoW)  

Getting a haircut!

With the release of Wrath of the Lich King, players will be able to visit various barber shops located in several of both Horde and Alliance capitals and Dalaran. Beyond being able to get a haircut you'll be able to change some facial features such as beards and earrings or tattoos on your face depending on your race.

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Barber Shop Locations

To find a Barber Shop ask a guard to point you in the correct direction!

  • Trade District, Stormwind - Located right behind the Auction House to the right. Barber Shop pole is easily seen.
  • The Commons, Ironforge - As you enter Ironforge if you go down to the left you'll see it fairly easily.
  • Cleft of Shadows, Orgrimmar - Right next to the rogue trainers.
  • Trade Quarter, Undercity - On the eastern portion of the Trade Quarter.
  • Magus Commerce Exchange, Dalaran - Real close to the Sunreaver's Sanctuary.
  • Area 52, Netherstorm - Located in the southwest corner, it's the one chair room.


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