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Information is from the in-game book Sovereignties of Qeynos.

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Antonius Bayle

  • The Great Unifier
  • Ruled during Age of Enlightenment
  • Son of Vallius Bayle
  • Brought order to the Plains of Karana. He unified nomadic clans of the plains with the village of Oceangreen, establishing the city of Qeynos.
  • Renounced the title of king and required all to call him by simply Antonius

Antonius Bayle II

  • The Great Defender
  • Ruled during the Age of Reclamation and Age of Turmoil
  • Studied under the Knights of Thunder and Rangers of Surefall Glade
  • His battle-minded thinking was instrumental in keeping the city unified despite the upheavals and unrest that plagued his reign.
  • During his reign there was an Erudite exodus from the city which caused a subsequent uprising in Erudin.
  • Qeynos Guard expanded beyond the city walls.

Antonius Bayle III

  • The Great Diplomat
  • Ruled during the Age of Turmoil
  • Noted for foreign diplomacy
  • Forged alliances between Qeynos and Erudin, northmen clans, and Rivervale
  • Paineel was established during this time.
  • Sir Lucan D'Lere began ruling Freeport during this time.
  • He was assassinated due to his intentions to establish diplomatic ties with enemies of the state.
  • Fathered three sons: Kyle, Antonius IV and Kane (the traitor).
  • Kyle disappeared mysteriously before Antonius III inherited the throne, ending the direct line of ascension for the Bayles, as the second son inherited upon his death.

Antonius Bayle IV

  • The Great Avenger
  • Ruled during the Age of Turmoil
  • Most loved and celebrated ruler since Antonius Bayle the First
  • Found numerous battles against both enemies of the kingdom and of its allies.
  • Stretched the beliefs of Qeynos further beyond its borders than any previous ruler.
  • Proved leadership and battle skills during the War of Plagues.
  • Established a council of representatives and advisers known as the Circle of Ten.
  • The Circle of Ten convinced him to marry and sire children.
  • Bore fraternal twins: Anton and Antea
  • Died at sea

More information was uncovered about Antonius Bayle IV upon Antonia Bayle's emergence into the hierarchy.

  • Antonius Bayle IV was in love with Lady Shae of Felwithe
  • His actual first-born child was Shaonia, who was Antonia's great-great-great-grandmother
  • Antonius IV faked his death at sea to be reunited with his true love and live out the remainder of his life with her and their daughter.

Anton and Antea Bayle

There are two quests given by Anton in the Chains of Eternity expansion: Mad Crown's Quest and Taming of the Tuatara. The book detailing the information on this page can be only found in-game after completing Anton's second quest.

  • The Twin Monarchs
  • Ruled during the Age of War
  • The twins were known as malicious and squandered the throne's riches
  • They demanded fealty from all citizens, ushering in a dark period for Qeynos
  • They were so strongly bonded that they seemed more like king and queen instead of brother and sister.
  • Antea was killed by raiding Rallosians, causing Anton to enter a deep depression
  • He became extremely erratic and violent, and eventually committed suicide
  • Anton bore a son (by one of Antea's hand maidens), Antonius V

Antonius Bayle V

  • The Great Sage
  • Ruled during the Age of War and Age of Cataclysms
  • Known as the most scholarly and wisest ruler of Qeynos
  • Youngest crowned ruler of Qeynos--was 15 at the time
  • Sought the guidance of the Circle of Five in decisions of the state
  • Was well-versed in history, art, and arcane sciences

Antonius Bayle VI

  • The Great Healer
  • Ruled during the Age of Cataclysms
  • Was a disciple of the Temple of Life and became one of the greatest priests of Qeynos
  • Aided in the healing of thousands of Qeynosians and their allies after the Shattering
  • Treasured the advice and guidance of the Circle of Five

Antonius Bayle VII

  • The Great Dreamer
  • Ruled during the Age of Cataclysms
  • Often comforted the masses by relaying his prophetic dreams of safety, prosperity and cooperation
  • The first steps to abandoning the animosity between the kingdom and many of its foes began during his reign.
  • Drowned with other Bayle family members when their vessel was swallowed by the Coldwind Sea during a meteor shower

The Circle of Five

  • Ruled during the Age of Cataclysms
  • The council had increasingly assisted the crown since their original inception as the Council of Ten during Antonius IV
  • Reluctantly took over rule of the kingdom while a successor to the crown was searched for
  • The violent cataclysms began to calm down during their reign, so they oversaw the rebuilding of the kingdom
  • Many current Qeynosian organizations were established under their rule
  • Alliances started under Antonius VII's rule were formed
  • Pact of Tserrin was signed with Freeport and the Far Seas Trading Company, allowing for goods, services and survivors to be run to and from both cities

Antonia Bayle

  • Rules during the Age of Destiny
  • Was born as Shirrana of the Sisterhood
  • First female to sit by herself on the Qeynos throne
  • First to be bestowed the title of Antonia
  • Mother was Taylania, daughter of MArinya, daughter of Baylisia, daughter of Shaonia, daughter of Lady Shae of Felwithe and Antonius Bayle IV
  • Brought hope and prosperity to citizens when she took the throne

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