Blizzcon 2008 Interviews - Interview with Tonks  

So today was day 1 of Blizzcon 2008 and man was it busy. Between the panels and oohing and aahing, I had a few minutes to interview a few of the players who came in costume. One was the following young lady who goes by the name of "Tonks" and plays a Gnome Mage over on Silverhand.

Tonks has been a long time WoW player, starting way back when the original game was still in beta and is currently in the guild Primal Ruin. She wanted to thank her friend Debbie, who made her incredible outfit today. She came dressed as a female Draenei, complete with a prehensile tail (not shown). The dress and top were made by Debbie, while Tonks created the tail and makeup herself. Very nicely done outfit and she was a really sweet girl to take time out from Blizzcon to let me get some background info on her.

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