Bloodvenom Post  

Bloodvenom Post is the primary Horde outpost in Felwood. It is off the main path up in the back of a small mountainous area near the Bloodvenom River, protecting it from the elements and predations of the Alliance. The outpost contains a solitary hut and a flightmaster, a few guards, and several quest npcs.

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To get to this post, follow the main path through Felwood headed northbound until you see the Bloodvenom River. You will see a small, dark trail with burning torches delineating it on your left — simply follow it around the hillside to reach the outpost.

Entering Felwood from Ashenvale

  1. Follow the road all way north, till you reach Bloodvenom Falls. Bloodvenom Falls is an area with a small green (toxic) pond in the middle of Felwood.
  2. Follow the stream from the pond west. [1]
  3. Near the end of the stream, you will see a small slope on your left heading up to the Post.

Entering Felwood from Timbermaw

Provided you have the faction or the ability to pass through here without dying if you do not, you can enter Felwood through the Furbolg tunnels of Timbermaw, accessed via Winterspring. As you head through the tunnels, you will come out at the far northern edge of Felwood.

  1. Follow the path south, past the Timbermaw camp on the right.
  2. As you get to the Bloodvenom River, you will see a bridge with viscid pools and Elementals on your left. Go over the bridge
  3. Continue to follow the path until you see a small dark path on your right side flanked by burning torches. This leads to the outpost.
  4. Near the end of the stream, you will see a small slope on your left heading up to the Post.


Upoin arriving at the post, you will see a small area with a hut and a Tauren drum on the left and a small path on the right leading up to the flightmaster. There are 6 or so guards here and a few merchants selling basic supplies.

Current flight paths include:



  1. ^ The end of the stream is a waterfall and an overstep can land you in Darkshore and a really nasty death from a long fall. Should you fall off, the only option is to head back all the way around. There are no paths or flights available from Darkshore to Felwood for Horde players.

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