Bonemire (EQ2 Quest Series)  

Quest Series
Starting ZoneThe Bonemire
Rec. Levels65 to 70
Previous The Barren Sky Quest Series
Next Kylong Plains Quest Series
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EverQuest II
Quest Series

Game Update #55
February 16,2010
The Bonemire got some attention with GU55, and has a lot more content now.

Drednever Expedition Series

This series will carry you naturally to all quest hubs in the zone.

If you traveled to The Bonemire via Ulteran Spire you arrive just to the east of the Drednever Expedition camp so you will need to run west then catch the Cloud Station to Shattered Weir to start this series.''

  1. Minxy Fonwiggle - on Shattered Weir.
    1. Breaking Through the Weir (66) - Opens up the Shattered Weir quests
    2. Report to Drednever (66)
  2. Deegli Bubbowus
    1. Stop the Enclave (68) - Taking this opens up the other Halls of Fate Isle quests
    2. Striking the Legions Army (68)
    3. Stopping the Excavation (68)
    4. Go Back to Vegnit (68)
  3. Vegnit Snogwit
    1. Report to Jimtun Rubbleyew (68)
  4. Jimtun Rubbleyew
    1. Scouting for the Scout (70) - Taking this opens up the other Isle of the Ravasect quests
    2. The Humator Hive (70) - It is recommended that you do Sticky Requests at the same time as both are in the hive.
    3. Kill the Harridan (70)
    4. Ravasect Isle Status Report (69)
  5. Vegnit Snogwit
    1. Report to Deebs Beaklut (69)
  6. Deebs Beaklut
    1. Blackscale Push (70) - Taking this opens up the other Cacotoxic Stain quests
    2. Speak with Gophy Pebblenub (70)
  7. Gophy Pebblenub
    1. Pores and Candles (70)
    2. Return to Deebs (70)
  8. Deebs Beaklut
    1. Remove the Blackscale Threat (70)
    2. Speak to Vegnit Snogwit (70)
  9. Vegnit Snogwit
    1. Report to Hanny Puddlezap (70)
  10. Hanny Puddlezap
    1. Soul Feasting (70) - Taking this opens up the other Carrion Briar quests
    2. Carrion Status Report (70)

Shattered Weir

The following two quest givers are unlocked when you accept the first quest in the Drednever Expedition Series, Breaking Through the Weir, from Minxy Fonwiggle.

Bigsly Spindlewop

  1. Blazing Spindles (66)
  2. Crystalology (66)

Pin Swishtick

Drednever Crash Site

Brock Shrillburst

  1. Find Gingus (66)
    sends you to Elly Nerwick
  2. A Poisoned Gingus (65)
  3. A Cured Gingus (65)

Weneb Tacklenogg

  1. Bonemire Creature Study (66)
  2. All for Good Research (66)
  3. Thorny Desires (67)

Grizzfazzle Coggrease


  1. Doomwing Digging (66)
  2. The Taloned Vigil Infiltrators (65) - sends you to Yazid on Halls of Fate Isle

An exiled droag down a climbable wall on the Drednever Crash Site island ( -133, 78, 1057 )

  • A Mark of Awakening (70) (Signature)
    1. Trial of Alacrity (Heroic)
    2. Trial of Endurance (Heroic)
    3. Trial of Spirit (Solo)
    4. Trial of Leadership (Epic)

Halls of Fate Isle


  1. Find Raluvh (67 Heroic) - sends you to Raluvh inside the Halls of Fate

Alkfoz Puddlezap

Hogpin Fubberfin

The Halls of Fate

This is inside the zone which is reached from the island, Halls of Fate Isle

  1. Premonitions of Doom (70 Heroic)
    • Transmogrification (70 Heroic)

Isle of the Ravasect

Bomkin Flickernuk

  1. Bomkin's Request (70)
  2. Swarming Requests (70)
  3. Sticky Requests (69)
Wedgly Hammertik
  1. The Missing Goods (67)

Cacotoxic Stain

Snoz Cranklekug

  1. Airship Parts on the Stain (68)
Aetryol Monsoon - at ( 480, 244, -756 ) on the NW side of the isle.
  1. Information from the Droag (67)
  2. Further Research - These two quests can be started at the same time. Just hail Aetryol again.

Carrion Briar

Pipsy Knoggleruf

  1. Parts on the Briar (70)
Nimni Gobbledot
  1. Essences of the Plagued Island (70)
Hanny Puddlezap - available after completing Carrion Status Report
  1. More Soul Feasting (70) repeatable
  2. Purge the Undying (70) repeatable

Deathtoll Access

Arbiter Selek
you need to speak Draconic to talk to Arbiter Selek
On a little Rock, drop off your cloud flying from Carrion Briar to Drednever Crash Site

  1. By Land? By Air? By Sea? (Heroic) (68)
  2. High Crimes (Heroic) (68)
  3. To Speak the Unspoken (Heroic) (68)
  4. Serving a New Master (68 Epic)
  5. Storming the Necropolis (70 Epic) completing this quest grants access to Deathtoll raid zone



  1. The Wondrous Inventions of a Crazed Gnome - The quest for the Bag of the Tinkerers

The Cloud Mount Series

Continues from Barren Sky
Zastik Togginscog

  1. A Druken Archeologist (67)
  2. Drukin Tellfizz, Stuck Gnome (67)
  3. Drukin Tellfizz, More Than Just a Stuck Gnome (67)
  4. Travel to the Crash Site (69)
  5. A Stealthy Guarding (69)
  6. A Dragon and a Ninni (70)
  7. Back to the Beginning (70)


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