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The Consignment Market

The Consignment (Broker) System is the means by which EverQuest II players buy from and sell to each other. It is also referred to as the Market, Broker, Auction House, or Bazaar due to the influence of other games.

Accessing the Market

The Consignment Market is accessed via a Broker NPC or a a market bulletin board.


Broker NPCs are available in all major cities, tradeskill instances and in a few in odd places. Hail, double click or right click the NPC to access the market. Generally speaking, brokers not in cities or guild halls will double their fees.

Market Board

A Market Board
A Market Board
Your market board is given to you when you receive your first home by completing the quest First Time Buyer. The quest will be offered by inn keepers near the 2-room inns of your home city. If you've lost your market board, they are available from a multitude of vendors, usually very close to housing.

Place the market board on the wall of your home and double click or right click to access it. Note that you cannot buy from a market board, only sell, adjust your prices, and see the market.


An Empty Market Interface
An Empty Market Interface
To sell via the consignment system, open the market by double clicking a broker or market board.

There are six broker slots for you to sell from. Free and Silver accounts will find that their purchasing and selling capability is limited.

Selling Restrictions

  • Gold (monthly subscription): Full access to the broker system.
  • Silver: Purchases allowed; sales can be made with Marketplace broker credits.
  • Free: Purchases and sales not allowed but can be made with Marketplace broker credits.

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A Full Market Interface
A Full Market Interface
To sell items you must place a container in one of your broker slots. This can be any container from a backpack to a strong box, but there are specialty containers crafted by players specifically for the market which have very large capacities and can be placed as furniture in your home. Players can avoid the broker fee by buying directly from these containers.

Player made sales displays come in several varieties for different uses. They are made of rare woods and get bigger each Tier. The largest are made of Ebony.

  • Armor and Shield Rack: holds armor and shields
  • Bag Stand: holds containers
  • Furniture Shelf: holds house items
  • Jewelry Box: holds jewelry, adornments, transmuted components, and baubles (loosely, baubles are anything that can go in the charm slot)
  • Pantry: holds food and drink
  • Potion Cabinet: holds poisons, potions and all crafted totems
  • Salesman's Crate: holds anything, but has a smaller capacity than the specialty containers
  • Scroll Stand: holds spells scrolls, combat arts, books, and recipe books
  • Weapon Rack: holds weapons and ammo

Also available are the Veteran's Rewards Veteran's Display Case and the Legends of Norrath Legend's Display Case, which can be placed as furniture and reduce broker fees.

To place a Sales Display as furniture, put it in a broker slot. You must be in your home to place it as furniture. From the market board in your home, right click the container and there will be an option to place it. This does not count toward the number of items in your house.

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Offline Selling

Salesman's Crate
Salesman's Crate
Your items will be listed on the market while you are online or offline, regardless of which character you are playing. You must log selling characters in every 7 days to keep items on the market. Multiple characters on the same account can sell simultaneously.


Put items in the container and use the "Sell" tab to price them. If you price the item at or below the NPC sell-back value the price will show in red. One you have priced an item it is automatically listed on the broker.


You can buy from a player directly from a broker or from the players home sales containers. If the player is set up for in-home buying, their address and city will be listed on the broker. Enter their home, find the sales container and double click for a vendor-style window.

Veteran's Display Case
Veteran's Display Case

Broker Fees

There is a fee for using the broker. You will pay a 20% fee for buying from your alignment and a 40% fee for buying from a different alignment. Buying from your Guild Hall will make the default fee 20%, regardless of alignment. You can avoid the fee altogether if the seller has set up sales containers in their home; just travel to their home and find their sales containers. Double-clicking the container will bring up a vendor-style window from which you may purchase directly.

Beware of purchasing items from brokers outside of cities or guild halls. Many of these brokers tend to double the default fee.

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