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Southern Arun

The heart of the Valkyon Federation, Southern Arun is separated from Northern Arun by the Great Rift, the massive scar dating to the death of Balder. With vast deserts, sweltering jungles, and verdant woodlands, Arun is as varied in landscape as in inhabitants: Humans, Poporis, and Castanics all call the continent home. A great deal of hard work went into creating a new future for all, and it's finally paying off.

Or is it?

With the Argon invasion of Shara, the bulk of the Federation's military is fighting valiantly to hold the front line. Velika, the seat of the Federation, stands alone as foes both old and new draw closer. Orcans and Kulkari drive farmers from their lands and threaten the city's food supply. The Popori struggle against mercenaries, cultists, and rogue Vampirs while watching many of their own descend into madness. To the east, amidst steaming jungles and fiery mountains, the Castanics remain cryptic and inscrutable, forging their own path when it suits them.

The great Human city of Velika is the jewel of Southern Arun. Built by Humans in collaboration with the goddess Velik, the city is the capital of the Federation and the nexus of trade and diplomacy, as well as being the center of the struggle for Southern Arun. The landscape is dominated by the Great Machine, which not only powers the city but helps protect it.

Southeast of Velika lies Poporia, the kingdom of forest spirits made flesh, where the Popori struggle to cure the Vampirs of an ailment that drives them mad with bloodlust. Even more troubling are the droves of Poporis who follow a cult with an ominous agenda. With castles full of dark witches and vampiric aristocrats, the darkness infecting Poporia is deeper than anyone suspects, and may threaten the very foundation of the Federation.

Northeast of Velika, shrouded by dark clouds, is Castanica. Named for the clan of renegade Devas who turned their back on all gods after Ishara's betrayal, Castanica's an open city filled with those struggling or scheming to make their fortunes. Battling slavers to the south and demons to the north, Castanica abounds with the tough and brash, a city where nearly anything goes.

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