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The Daemon Moon Rises in the Age of Reckoning

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Cool winds blow across the empty fields of Reikland, wiping away the memory of sun-bleached grains and summer days. Thoughts turn now to the long, bleak nights of the coming winter, and the foreboding darkness that accompanies the death of another year. The sickly green visage of the Chaos moon begins to flicker and change, and the superstitious people of the world hide themselves away behind locked doors, and pray not to fall prey to the foul terrors of the Daemon Moon.

Now, with the war in full swing, the horrors of the Daemon Moon are worse than ever. Malevolent creatures borne out of the fabric of Chaos itself descend upon the world like daemon locusts, intent upon devouring the souls of every living creature they encounter.

The Daemon Moon shines its baleful light down upon the world. The screams of countless tortured victims mingle with the howls of their daemonic tormentors. Who will stand against the hordes of Chaos?

The Daemonball Rally Public Quest

In the war-torn lands of the Old World, festering like a boil, rests a terrible artifact of the Daemon Moon's first rising in long-ago times. Built of the very stuff of chaos and the essence of nightmares, the Daemon Cradle lies waiting to be awakened, empowered, and brought to bear against the living. Seize the Daemon Cradle and carry it to its nest five times to best your enemies in this new Public Quest!

 Go for it, you can take him!
Go for it, you can take him!

Daemon Mask Event Quest!

In Daemon Moon Rising, a fiendish sub-cult of Chaos artificers have summoned savage daemons and bound them into innocuous carnival masks, then smuggled them into the Empire-there to corrupt and possess the hapless fools who wore them! But the masks also found their way into the hands of Dark Elves, the greenskins, and the Chaos tribesmen. Now any farmer, any shopkeeper, any guardsman in either Altdorf or The Inevitable City could turn daemonically violent-literally-at a moment's notice!

Into this volatile situation come the players, tasked with collecting the masks and defeating the daemons bound within. For their part in halting the menace of the masks-or delivering them to Altdorf-the players receive a souvenir Daemon Mask, and, ultimately, a special Daemon Moon item drawn randomly from a sack of sinister secrets ... possibly even the rare and powerful Magnus Daemonarium!

But players would be wise to be wary! For every daemon loot bag might instead temporarily transform an unlucky player into something considerably less likely to survive the Daemon Moon.

They just want to chat...really.
They just want to chat...really.

Wake the Dead!

During the rise of the Daemon Moon, players of all Tiers can also participate in the popular High Pass Cemetery Scenario, battling over the bones of long-buried Empire soldiers to capture the two ancient monuments: the Crypt and the Stag. Participate while wearing a Daemon mask to gain event influence - and win the Scenario with 500 points to gain even more!

Rewards Both Foul and Fair

With the rise of the Daemon Moon, players can receive a variety of twisted, daemonic masks: the sickly image of the Face of the Unborn (for completing the Masks of Corruption and Children of the Mask quests); the disturbing Leather Face (as a rare reward for winning the Daemonball Rally PQ); or, the Advanced Influence reward - the Meatcleaver's Mask!

If you missed last year's Witching Night Masks, you'll have a second chance at picking them up from fallen enemies on the RvR battlefield.

Crafty players may obtain components for Talisman-making, and intrepid players can face the fearsome Bloodthirster of the Chaos Wastes to earn the terrifying Face-Eater's Mask - a ghastly disguise fashioned from the skull of a dead Chaos steed!

Make peace with your gods, and offer up a prayer-for under the cold, dark madness of the Daemon Moon, anything can happen!

Daemon Moon Rising Details


* Starts: October 23rd, 2009 at 9:00 AM EDT * Ends: November 2nd, 2009 at 8:00 AM EDT

Heralds and Quest Givers

The Order and Destruction Heralds associated with Daemon Moon Rising Live Event will be stationed next to the Flight Master in each capital city. The Quest Givers will be near the Heralds.

* Destruction - Tallas Deathmonger (Herald) and Coldheart Witch Hunters (Quest Givers) * Order - Lector Gadsby (Herald) and Slaughterheart Magi (Quest Givers)

Something's missing here.  Oh right! FIRE!
Something's missing here. Oh right! FIRE!


The Daemon Moon Rising Live Event boasts ten tasks ranging from slaying 50 of the most fiendish daemons to completing the "Daemonball Rally" Public Quest. Players can also gain influence by completing a variety of tasks while wearing the dreaded Daemon Masks! There is also one quest chain for each Realm-including Tier-specific versions of each quest so that players of all Ranks can participate!

Daemon Moon Tasks Page


Basic Reward - Fiendfang: Provides a 10% bonus to healing, damage, Renown, and XP for three days.

Advanced Reward - The Meatcleaver's Mask event slot item.

Elite Reward - The Malleus Daemonarium event slot item.

Boss Drop Reward - The Magnus Daemonarium!

Crafting Reward - Special talisman components imbued with the might of Chaos itself!

And more...!

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