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Meat, tiers 1 to 7
Den nodes can be harvested, using the Trapping skill, for the following raw materials:
  • meat, hides and rare hides
  • imbuing materials
Resources Harvestable From Dens
Tier Common Name Rare Name Imbuing Material
1 deer meat
turtle meat
rawhide leather pelt
waxed leather pelt none
2 vulrich meat
elephant meat
tanned leather pelt
cured leather pelt glowing material
3 lion meat
pig meat
boiled leather pelt
cuirboilli leather pelt sparkling material
4 bear meat
griffon meat
etched leather pelt
engraved leather pelt glimmering material
5 owlbear meat
manticore meat
wyrm meat
strengthened leather pelt
augmented leather pelt
strange black ore
luminous material
6 sabertooth meat
caiman meat
stonehide leather pelt
scaled leather pelt lambent material
7 ravasect meat
aviak meat
horned leather pelt
dragonhide leather pelt scintillating material
8 bristled pelthidebound pelt smoldering material
9 mottled peltspotted pelt ethereal material
9 Velious Brontotherium MeatMolkor Hides None
10 thick bear pelt
panther meat
raptor meat
metallic reptile hide effulgent material
11 ragged leathery hidepristine leathery hide incandescent material
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