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Snowy mountains separate the Howling Fjord from the coniferous forests to the north in Grizzly Hills. Many races call the area home -- the ice trolls live in isolated areas, the dark iron dwarves have their capital here in Thor Modan, the Scourge have a fortress in the northwest, The Venture Co. are deforesting away, a ressurected Arugal is raising an army of worgen...and the area is actually named for the overwhelming presence of Furbolgs.


Grizzly Hills are the ancestral home of the Furbolgs. Their capital city here marks their claim as perhaps being the first people in the region. However, the furbolg have an ancient history of fighting with the ice trolls of Zul'Drak. Apparently the furbolg have been moderately successful...the fortress in the northwest, Drak'tharon Keep, was weakened to the point it was captured by Scourge forces. However, the furbolg are also very distrustful of the Dark Irons in Thor Modan, and the two groups have gotten into clashes from time to time.

Horde and Alliance

The Alliance work out of Amberpine Lodge, Granite Springs, Hollowstone Mine, and Westfall Brigade Encampment. The Horde are based in Conquest Hold and the Taunka settlement of Camp Oneqwah.

There are also a number of neutral bases.

Major Populations

  • Furbolgs - This land is their home, and they represent the largest culture here.
  • Ice Trolls - Along the northern borders, the Drakkari cling to what is left of their presence in Grizzly Hills.
  • Dark Iron Dwarves - Shadowforge is not the only Dark Iron settlement. Thor Modan is a dark iron city as well.
  • Venture Co. - the goblin band of profiteers have set up several deforestation camps.
  • Worgen - Apparently Archmage Arugal is up to his old tricks again.
  • The Scourge - The Undead hold the passes in the northwest that lead through the Dragonblight and Drak'tharon Keep.


Grizzly Hills is north of the Howling Fjord. Beyond it, Dragonblight lies to the west and the troll cities of Zul'drak are to the north.

Drak'tharon Keep is the only instance located in the northwest parts of the zone, connecting to Zul'drak.


There are several notable places to be found in this zone, all with their own story and lore.

Amberpine Lodge Ashwood Post Aspen Grove Post Blackriver Logging Camp
Bloodmoon Isle Blue Sky Logging Grounds Boulder Hills Camp Oneqwah
Conquest Hold Drak'atal Passage Drakil'jin Ruins Drak'Tharon Keep
Dun Argol Eastwind Shore Granite Springs Grizzlemaw
Harkor's Camp Hollowstone Mine The Path of Iron Rage Fang Shrine
Redwood Trading Post Ruins of Tethys Ruuna's Camp Shadowfang Tower
Silverbrook Solstice Village Thor Modan Ursoc's Den
Venture Bay Voldrune Vordrassil Pass Vordrassil's Heart
Vordrassil's Limb Vordrassil's Tears Westfall Brigade Encampment White Pine Trading Post

Wrath of the Lich King

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