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Island of Dawn
Island of Dawn
Type Public Outdoor
Level Range 1-10
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Map of Island of Dawn

This is your starting point in TERA.

Quest Hubs in this zone:

When the Island of Dawn rose from the sea, the entire world stopped and took notice. Located off the coast of Arcania Province, the island is home to mysterious ruins, lush plant life, and abundant and hostile fauna. No one knows what secrets the island holds, but that hasn't stopped everyone from trying to find out.

An enormous gap isolates the island from the coast—a great ring of waterfalls where the hulks of ships jut out like great skeletons. Mysterious beams lance into the sky, and an enormous floating tree dominates the landscape. Clues and hints abound, but the ruins offer few answers.

The Valkyon Federation called upon Kubel, a skilled soldier and prefect, to lead a mission to explore the Island of Dawn and uncover its mysteries. The finest minds and the bravest troops were dispatched to the island. They encountered swarms of guardian spirits, strange cultists, and terrifying demons. Twisted by Karascha's will and power, the island's denizens turned on the Federation expedition and slaughtered them.

Now the Federation is in a race. Who will be the first to claim the island's secrets, and its power? Orcan warlords gather their forces, cultists scheme to reach their own dark ends, and the demons bring their infernal might to bear. As the Federation reinforcements arrive, will their skill and strength be enough to snatch victory away or will they, too, face their doom?

You are among those chosen. When the call came to return to the Island of Dawn, you didn't hesitate. The days of training are done, but the battle for TERA has just begun!

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