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We are not, at this time, attempting to document every single item available in this game. That would be an impossible and never-ending task. What we will try to do is document any item that is of exceptional shininess, is required by a quest or other task, or is so common that not to have it listed would be absurd.

Quest rewards, and crafting-related items are definitely in the "do" list. For many items that have mutliple versions for different "grades" we will create a single item entry, such as Elixir of Life, build a table there which lists all the variations and their effects, and then add redirects from the individual names to the single page.

Wikihelp The format for a redirect is: #redirect [[destination]]. Complete documentation for this can be found at Directives.

Links to Item pages that use the {{AionItem|Item Name|||quality}} linker template will be colorized to match the Quality of the item so long as the quality is set in the linker call. Quest pages do this as well for Related Items via the itemsquality list field, and Mob pages do it for Known Drops using the substandarddrops, commondrops, superiordrops, heroicdrops, fableddrops and eternaldrops fields. Unfortunately, we cannot colorize item links that use the [[Item Name (Aion Item)]] format, as we do not have a db to draw the quality from.

For Items that we do not have a page for, you will see (PW/AA) following the item link. These are links to the item name on PowerWiki and AionArmory. We want you to be able to find the information you want easily, even if we don't have it.

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Items come in six grades of quality: Substandard, Common, Superior, Heroic, Fabled and Eternal. Items of higher quality will have better stats and more manastone sockets than items of lesser quality within the same level tier. Substandard is used sporadically ingame but should be used on anything that is Miscellaneous.

OOC In Beta the quality names were Substandard, Common, Rare, Legendary and Unique. The names were changed and Eternal was added between Beta and Live.

Improving an Item

There are three ways to upgrade the capabilities of an item: Manastones, Enchantment Stones, and Godstones.


Socketing a Manastone to an item adds additional bonuses to the item, thus allowing you to fine-tune your gear to your class and playstyle. Manastones are uncommon drops from nearly every mob in the game. They come in 2 quality grades, only: Normal and Rare. They can be attached to an item if that item has available Manastone Sockets. See Manastone for a complete discussion of manastones.

Enchantment Stones

An item can be upgraded, improving the base stats of the item, through the use of an Enchantment Stone. Enchantment Stones can be rewarded by a quest, but are more commonly obtained through the use of Extraction Tools. These extract the magical essence of an item, giving you an Enchantment Stone that can then be used to improve the enchantments of another item. You can do this to gear you have outgrown, or to gear you have never worn or cannot wear. The item is destroyed in the process, so you lose the sale value of the item but gain the ability to improve the gear you are wearing. See the Enchantment Stone page for a complete discussion of this process.


Godstones are the last type of enhancement that can be added to an item. However, these can only be socketed to weapons. Once applied to a weapon, the Godstone gives it the ability to affect an enemy in a variety of ways depending on the Godstone used.

In order to add a Godstone to a weapon, one must visit the Godstone vendor in Sanctum or Pandaemonium. Once there drag and drop the weapon you wish to enhance into the Godstone Socket Target slot. Then drag the Godstone you wish to apply into the Godstone Socket Info slot. You will then see the description of the effect that will be placed on the weapon as well as the cost to apply the Godstone. If you are sure you wish to enhance the weapon with the chosen Godstone hit the "Okay" button.

Changing the Appearance


You can also change the appearance of your armor by applying Dye to the pieces. You will need one Dye pot for each piece. These can be purchased from merchants in Pandaemonium and Sanctum, and are also rewarded by some quests. Additionally, most fruit bushes or trees have a 2% chance to harvest a petal. Petals can be used to dye armor, and most of the colors are unique and unavailable from merchants.


You can see a Remodeller to completely change the model used for your item. Lets say you have a weapon that lloks really cool and you like the look... a lot. Then, you find an upgrade but it does not look as cool. Give the two weapons to the Remodeller and he can make the new one "look" just like the old one, but with the new weapon's stats! The same applies to all items that have an in-game appearance when equipped.

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